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Shower Filter Hard Water

If you live somewhere where the water is dirty and smells bad or if you want to have your well water softened and want to make sure it’s fully clean, you need a best showerfilter check out our  reviews. Getting the top filtration system might be a hard task for some people because they don’t know what to look for in them, but you don’t have to worry because ShowerMeister is hereforyou .
We will be listing out the top choices which can be used with almost any kind of showerhead. We will list the filtration systems  based on their price, quality, functionality & their general ease of use and installation. Let’s get started.

    5. APEX MR-7011 S
Apex Mr-7011 S
We are going to start  with the Apex MR-7011  . Apex Mr-7011 is a very simple looking one  that does the job well. If you are someone that hates water that smells, then you definitely need a good one like the Apex MR-7011.
This is pretty good  for hard water that can remove almost all Toxic Fumes and there will be no more Odors after you install this one.
Water comes into this  through the tube, then water is moved to  where it gets cleaned and all the chlorine removal process happens. Then it moves through the neck and pours the clean water out.
It’s pretty easy to install and it is compatible with almost all the modern shower heads.
This is the perfect choice if you are getting acne from the water. A lot of studies show that dirty water is one of the biggest causes of acne, so if you get one like this one your acne will be reduced through water. This will also help you avoid dry skin, flaky scalp, dandruff and better skin. If you have dandruff, you probably tried all kinds of shampoo and none seemed to work, right? Well try out this shower head and let me know what happens!
It functions properly for around 12-16 months, after that you should purchase a new one.
Overall it’s a good choice but the price might be a bit high, so if you are on a limited budget you should continue reading and finding the correct one for you.
 Moving on we have the Sprite HO2-WH-M showerhead, . It’s a pretty solid product which does the job well.
Sprite is a very famous and reputable  manufacturer which has been around for many years, and they have proven the quality of their products. They have produced a lot in the meantime so they can serve every customer with choices
This filter is a bit different from the others because this one includes a massaging head which can be removed or replaced with your ownhead. It is compatible with almost all modern types, so you don’t have to worry about that part.
What’s good about this one is that you can take it around with you when you travel. If you are sketchy about taking showers in motels or apartments, just install it (takes 3 minutes) and enjoy your shower.
Most costumers buy this shower filter because they are using well water, and this is a perfect shower filter for well water in my opinion because it can get rid of all the odors. It’s a very good , but it’s not so good at removing the chlorine from the water. For sure, you will notice a big difference when you install the shower, but it won’t get rid of the chlorine completely. So if you want to buy one that can remove chlorine, you should look for another one.
Overall it’s a great one that will last you for a long time and since it’s very affordable, I would suggest you try this one out!
 At number 3 of our best shower filter list, we have the Aqua Elegante. This is a pretty luxurious looking for one which also gets the job done well. What I don’t like about it is that it’s going to be hard to match the color with the style of your bathroom since not many bathrooms are bronze colored, right?
What I liked about the Aqua Elegante  is that it doesn’t lower water pressure while removing the chemicals from the water. Some have a very complicated filtering system that usually lowers the water pressure, and if you live somewhere that already has a low water supply, you will have a really hard time using a filter like that.
I mentioned above that the sprite is not that good for removing chlorine. This is not the case on Aqua Elegante because it’s designed especially for that. It can remove up to 90-95% of the chlorine from the water. Less Chlorine = Fresh Showers, Better Skin, Better hair etc.
The Aqua Elegante filter has a ‘Kinetic degradation fluxion’ or ‘KDF 55’ filter which can remove a lot of different chemicals and metals from the water such as: iron, nitrites, silver, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, copper,  nickel, heavy metals,  zinc, lead, silver, chromium, radon, barium, hydrogen sulfide,  selenium, trihalomethane, manganese, mercury, nitrates and many more .
The installation is extremely easy, where you just have to twist it into the shower tube. If you’ve never installed a shower filter before, you can just read the instructions that come with this product.
I really like this shower filter, and it would be the best one if it also did remove fluoride and  chlorine , but it lacks this feature. It’s still definitely worth the money because it has a lot of features which other filters don’t. I’d say that Aqua Elegante definitely deserves the #3 spot on our  list!
AQ-4100 is a pretty popularalso could be considered the best  shower filter for well water and hard water. aquasana  shower filter is  a great shower filtrationsystem for people that want better skin and better hair because it removes up to 90% of chlorine from the water. Even after the first shower you take with this  installed, you will notice a difference in your skin‘s smoothness.
aquasana   uses a combination of copper-zinc oxidation media which can’t be found on any other shower filters because they patented it.
aquasana  is  good filter that can be attached to any shower head, but the only thing I don’t like about it is the size. It’s a bit too big if you have a small shower cabin so that might be a problem for some people. It cleans the water as it should and we have not noticed any drop in the water pressure. it also has a aquasana replacement filter cartridge so you can just buy replacements The only thing that we have noticed is that when you change the water’s temperature it takes maybe 2-3 seconds to change it .
You can buy this product with or without a shower head, and the price difference is not too big. So if you do not have a good shower head you can purchase this product and kill two birds with one stone.
Installing this shower filter is very easy and very fast, so anyone can do it without the help of a plumber.
Overall it’s a very good product which is worth your money, and if you live somewhere with very bad water, this shower filter will do the job for you.
Okay so, this is what I consider the best shower filter is my all-time favorite one. I can say that it is the best shower filter and I have a lot of evidence to back it up.
No matter where you live and how dirty the water is, this shower filter will purify the water and let you have an amazing shower. It can remove Chlorine, Metals, Pesticides, Fungi and all kinds of bacteria. Is also super fantastic for removing hard water which makes it great if you use well water or live on an acreage , farm or in the country. Typically well water can be hard and this shower filter can make the hard water go away!
Like the Aqua Elegante, this shower filter does also have the KDF Media 55 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Media) filtration which is one of the best chemicals for water filtration, so using it is a very good method to filter water and remove unwanted substances from it with a replacement filter cartridge makes it the top choice.
This model of AquaBliss uses the 3-stage filtration method which is KDF55, Calcium Sulfite and activated carbon. Calcium sulfite is proven to be much more effective than activated carbon at removing different unwanted substances such as mercury, cadmium, chlorine etc. Finally, the third stage is Carbon. Carbon filtering uses activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities.
It’s pretty small but gets the job done better than huge-sized filters. It works with both handheld shower heads and fixed ones and can be installed to both of them very easily. once again in my opinion best shower filter on the market
As I mentioned above, any kind of water can be used with this filter, and it will clear most of it. So even if you live somewhere in the desert and the water is full of unwanted substances, this filter will get rid of most of them!
    Healthy water– by filtering helps you be healthy!
    softens hard water
    Better skin – when you have hard water
    Softer hair- Soften your water and have nicer hair by using a vitamin c filter
    Remove harmful chemicals – again less chemicals in your life the better
    Remove Odors- If you have well water that smell

How do showerhead filters work?


Showerhead filters work at two primary stages of water softening and purification. In the advanced stage, they can energize the water molecules with ions, minerals, and bio-active elements. The design and construction of the cartridge determine working efficiency of showerhead filters.

Showerhead Filters – Design

Metal-Mesh: Water flows from the inlet pipe into the jet-dispersal zone that is covered by a metal mesh. The mesh has microscopic pores to allow smooth water flow.  At the same time, it filters out dirt and dust. Some of the models also remove odor from water depending on the alloy used in the making of mesh.

Cotton-Layer: Cotton layer can remove micron-sized impurities like algae, rust, fine particles of sand and soil, etc. It can also remove the odor from water with its organic purification process. Most of the filters use PP-Cotton for its high-quality fiber construction and zero pressure-loss property. Water pressure before the cotton layer and after will be nearly the same.

PP-cotton can withstand high pressure and temperature to an extent of 700C and above without disintegrating or getting damaged. The cotton layer can also remove the remnants of organic and inorganic pollutants from water.

KDF-Layer: KDF is a combination of copper and zinc micron-size granules. There are two grades of KDF namely the KDF-55 and KDF-85. Both the grades are certified by ANSI, ASTM, and UL for safe water softening and disinfection properties.

KDF-55 can eliminate chlorine and heavy metals that are soluble in water. It can work with hot and cold water with equal efficiency. The medium can also remove waterborne germs and bacteria to a considerable extent. The medium works well on the municipal water to reduce the hardness factors.

KDF-85 is the advanced medium which can remove hydrogen sulfide and almost all types of waterborne germs completely. It can also filter out chlorine, iron, algae and many other types of dissolved chemicals. It is stated to be highly effective for municipal and well water for softening and purifying.

Calcium-Sulfite-Medium:  The calcium sulfite medium may be used as an alternate for KDF in many of the showerhead filters. Some of the filters may also use both the media for enhancing the efficiency of softening and filtering.

Main functions of calcium sulfite are water softening, bacteria removal, odor removal, and filtering of dissolved heavy metals. It can also restore water ph value to the standard level. It can endure high water pressure and temperature to an extent of 1000C.

When it is combined with KDF, calcium sulfite can deliver the best quality of water that is soft and free from contaminants and bacteria.

Activated-Carbon-Medium: Activated carbon is the coconut shell charcoal with micron size pores. The physical structure of carbon shows multiple layers with a high capacity for water filtering and contaminant removal.

The chemical energy stored within the hydrocarbon molecules can charge water with a large volume of anions. As the water molecules pass through activated carbon layers, they form strong bonding with the stored heat energy.


The water coming out of activated carbon has a high potential for restoring skin to healthy conditions. It can neutralize free radicals, remove scales of dead skin, and rejuvenate the living cells. Regular exposure to the filtered water can also strengthen the skin cell walls. So, the immunity factor of skin against bacteria and germs increases significantly.

 Activated carbon can make the water sweeter and skin friendly. It can eliminate the chlorine in the steam that emanates from hot water. So, the probability of chlorine penetration into your skin through steam is eliminated.


Zeolite-Medium: Advanced versions of showerhead filters may contain tourmaline and Zeolite media which can remove fluoride in various forms. Some of the filters may also use TFC (Thin-Film-Composite) medium for fluoride removal. But TFC may also eliminate many of the useful minerals like calcium, potassium, and others. So, you need to make the right choice between tourmaline and TFC in your showerhead filter.

Magnetic-Ball-Medium:  Magnetically charged balls in the showerhead filter can be made of ceramic or metal like iron, copper, or zinc. Water molecules get activated and charged with negative ions. It is recommended that you keep the water temperature between 650C and 700C to get the best effects.

The magnetically charged balls can remove the maximum volume of remnant hardness factors that may have passed through the other layers. So, water gets extremely softened after passing through the layer. The layer can inject high-intensity energy into the water molecules which in turn gets released into your skin.

The energy layer over the skin gets absorbed by the epidermis layer skin cells and tissues. It strengthens the cells’ outer shell and prevents the entry of germs and bacteria. So, the immunity of skin increases to a great extent.

Magnetically charged water can reduce the stress and fatigue levels of skin cells and tissues. Your skin and muscles can get rejuvenated after a day’s hard work at the workplace. It can heal the pain from muscles, ligaments, joints and tissues.

Magnetically charged filter water can also remove the muscle sprains and spasms which normally make you feel uncomfortable. The recommended practice is to use the handheld showerhead and focus the water outlet onto the muscles affected by sprains. Make sure the water pressure and temperature are within your body’s tolerance limits.

Vitamin-C-Medium: Modern showerhead filters use Vitamin-C as the medium for water softening, filtering, and purification. It is one type of medium which can add energy emitting ions to the water. It had great properties for the anti-aging effects, skin disinfection, strengthening of skin layers, and initiation of collagen production by the fibroblasts.

Showerhead Filter- Multiple Cartridges

 Advanced showerhead filters work with multiple cartridges through which water passes in two stages. The ultimate output will be the softened, purified, and disinfected water. The average durability of cartridges could be between six months and one year. Regular cleaning with the OEM recommended liquid can keep the filter working at the maximum efficiency. Make sure you replace the cartridges at the intervals specified by the OEM for getting the best results.