The Best Reasons To Use A Shower Filter

It must be said that the shower water that a typical person uses while in a shower can be important in more ways than one and it is a good practice to use a shower filter to help keep the better health of the user.  The typical shower water would harbor micro organisms and chemicals that are best removed with a proper shower filter.  Laid out are some contributing factors and how it can be properly handled with a good shower filter at best. 


Removing micro organisms

The water that is supplied to households is usually sourced from non seasonal sources like rivers and often lakes as well. It is only natural that such sources are filled with some form of life form or the other and it is the best efforts of the typical municipal authorities to neutralize any life form that could typically inhabit the water bodies.  This is the healthier option and does ensure good health to the users. 

Thus a process like chlorination was introduced that did effectively neutralize the different life forms in the water but despite the use of the modern methods to chlorination, it is still possible that the more resilient of microbes do make it past the process.  The shower head would then serve to remove these most stubborn life forms as well.  Even otherwise a shower head can act as a filter to remove any dead life forms that could have been in the chlorinated water at best. 

Removing excess chlorine

Most local bodies like the city corporations and municipalities use methods like chlorination to provide safe water to households.  It is possible that due to the very nature of the process of applying chlorine to the water that excess bits of chlorine is still left in the water being supplied.  It is indeed possible to use high power filters to keep this excess chlorine from the supply but it is a mark of abundant caution to use a shower filter that does get to take care of the chlorine at the end point of the water supply. 

This is also a more cost effective manner of handling the issue of excess chlorination in the water supply.  It is an accepted fact that the excess chlorine in the water could cause interference with the soaps and shampoos that most people use and it is best desired to have it removed. 

Presenting a cleaner air

Most folks use warm water during showers and as such it is seen that the chlorine when it comes in contact with the heating process tends to be liberated into the air around the shower head.  It is also possible that the chlorine can react with some elements in the soaps and detergents to create unpleasant chemical compounds as well. 

This aspect can be controlled and eliminated to a large extent with the proper use of a shower head.  The better design of the showers is one of the main reasons that it is more suited to the application than anything else.  Since the solution is applied at the very end of the water supply the chances of further contamination of the water is prevented at best.  This is also seen to be the more cost effective method of handling the issue of better air quality while showering.

The advantages to carrying mothers

As discussed above it is considered healthier to use a good shower head to prevent the inhalation of suspended chlorine and other compounds that are created when air comes in contact with the dissolved chlorine in the shower water.  This factor is multiplied many times over in the case of pregnant women as the developing fetuses are more at risk from even the most traces of chemicals in the water. 

The young lives are particularly affected by chemicals in the surroundings and it is possible to eliminate this factor completely by using a shower filter that is good at the job.  Rarely is it possible for people to completely avoid showers and more so when in the carrying stages when the mobility of women is restricted.  Often any special care that is paid to developing fetuses is seen in the overall better health profile of new born children. 

The risks to children

With children and particularly so with the very small ones; it is a major factor that they are more susceptible to atmospheric conditions than the adults.  The tender development stages that the supportive organs and systems in children make this so and this is also the reason that children are vulnerable to any sort of chemical in the water and air that they use. 

 A good shower head does help control to a fair extent the issue of contaminated air and water that most children could be exposed to.  Often the chemicals at the early stages of life could lead to more complications in teenage and as adult lives too.  It has been established that children that are exposed to chlorine in the gaseous form do have a larger probability of developing Asthma. 

The overall improvement in health

It is well known that shower heads are at times the fountain of infections and a number of health issues. It does help to take a few preventive measure to ensure a better health profile of the society at large than to react to the more serious situation of sick people.  This could well be the most compelling reason to use a proper shower filter.  It is to be taken as a step towards exercising abundant caution. 

Cost to better bad health conditions are usually easily measured.  But on the other hand the cost benefit from preventing situations from developing are rather difficult to measure and to attribute a monetary sum to it.  This could well be why people do not regard a shower filter as being significant in the greater health profile of the population.  Thus it is going to take more than just persuasion to have people adopt a healthier life style and attitude as well.