How to install a shower filter


Showerhead filters can be installed onto the wall mounted, ceiling mounted, hand-held, offset, and extended showerheads. They come in various shapes like the round and oval, square and rectangle, and asymmetrical shapes.

Accessories and Gadgets

Good pliers, tape and cleaning tools are the things you need. The pliers are useful for removing screws and nuts from your old showerhead. You have to choose pliers size based on the dimension of the screw and nut heads. Make sure they fit in perfectly and there are no gaps in between.

You may also need a ladder if the height is higher than your reach. If your bathroom has a smooth floor made of granite or ceramic, you need safety rubber knobs at the ladder bottom or a rectangular base to prevent slip and fall.

Clean and dry the bathroom floor completely before placing the ladder. Wear safety goggles and rubber gloves to avoid injuries and dust. You may also wear a safety cap to protect your head from accidental injuries and dust. It is a good practice to wear rubber shoes to increase safety factors.

Installation Procedure

Old Showerhead Removal: Stop the water-supply to the showerhead by turning off the inlet valve. Remove the old showerhead from its place by unfastening the nuts and bolts. Then you can clean the inner parts of the pipe with a wet cloth.

Check for rust and corrosion. If you find any such traces, it is better to replace the pipe from the last sections where it has got rusted. If possible you can use the sandpaper to remove rust from the pipes.

Plumber-Tape: Use the Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene tape to cover the upper part of the water pipe. There should be sufficient space around the pipe for inserting the showerhead filter. You have to ensure there is no probability of leaks after the installation of the filter.

Filter-Installation: Insert the showerhead filter and rotate it in the direction as specified by the OEM. Most of the showerhead filters rotate clockwise unless specified otherwise. The recommended practice is to refer to the OEM user manual. Rotate the filter head until it is fully tight.

You have to do it gradually since the pipe diameter should be able to withstand the fastening pressure and force. Always ensure that the tape is sealed around the showerhead filter.

Take the nuts and bolts provided by the OEM. The procedure may not be required in some of the showerhead filter models. Fasten the screws and nuts into the showerhead filter and tighten them according to the specifications. Now your showerhead filter is installed and ready for use.

Testing: Now you can turn on the inlet water valve and test your new showerhead filter. Initially, the water could be turbid due to deposits of dust and dirt within the pipe. Then the filter starts delivering clean and soft water.

Vary the pressure and temperature of inlet water and test if there are any variations in the outlet water. If you find no changes, you can continue using the filter without any hassles. Or you may have to replace the filter since it will be under warranty.