Development Volunteer Training Centre

This centre is due to be opened in mid 2010. It will be a place in which professionals and later year students with an interest in international aid and community development can stay in order to sharpen their practical skills while also broadening the scope of their knowledge. The home will also facilitate networking with local community leaders and development practitioners to allow for an exchange of ideas and skills between local and international participants. 

A significant segment of the project will be volunteering placements. Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer with a project run by Wellspring Projects, working with a local project manager to gain hands-on experience. They will also spend time in the Wellspring Projects office to expose them to the administrative side of development projects. By living in the centre, participants will share their knowledge, expertise and insights with one-another and with visiting local practitioners through regular seminars and informal sharing in the residential environment. This communal learning model allows for a unique flow of learning across disciplines and cultures to create better informed development professionals with a broader range of cross-professional understanding and networks.

If you are interested in staying in the centre please contact with a cover letter explaining your professional/academic interests and background and your CV. The cost of staying at the centre is $50 a week for accommodation with a $250 initial settlement fee.