Delhi Girls Home

The Delhi Girls Home is a home for 15 orphaned, neglected or abused girls in the north of Delhi, India. It is a place of rehabilitation and growth, where the children are provided with a loving family atmosphere to develop into well rounded adults. The home was started in January 2010 after the girls were moved from a local orphanage, and stands as an example of how God’s love and people’s dedication can overcome the worst of conditions.

The home is staffed by 2 live-in workers - female carers who tend to the specific needs of the children and carry out various domestic duties - as well as a driver, and a married couple who manage the overall running of the home. There is also a large team of volunteers, doctors, pastors, counsellors and teachers that visit the home regularly.

The home costs approximately $50 (AUD) per day to run. This includs food, rent, school fees, four full time staff wages and the numerous additional costs associated with raising 15 children.

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