Small group questions

Small Group Questions

David-Part 4


1.       If you could know one thing about your future what would it be?

2.       Why is it a good thing that God doesn’t show us the future?

3.       Read 1 Sam 18:7-11. What was Saul’s response to David? What motivated it?

4.       Read 1 Sam 18:1-4; 20:31-32. What does Jonathan stand to lose by supporting David? What do you think motivated his humility?

5.       Why is it so hard to allow someone else to be blessed or promoted and not try to snatch it for ourselves? How can we be challenged by Jonathan’s genuine humility?

6.       Read 1 Sam 19:11-12; 20:3; 20:41-42; 21:1. What crutches have been removed from David’s life? Why do you think God was taking them away?

7.       What are examples of some of the crutches we lean on for support in our lives? How can those human crutches paralyze our faith? 

8.       How would you finish the following sentence: I’ll trust you, God, but don’t…   What does that reveal about our hearts?

9.       Read Isa 41:10. Do you think our minds can agree with this verse while our hearts are still looking for strength, help and support from things other than God? How can we change this?

10.   Read Ps. 34:1-8. What was David’s response to having the crutches removed from his life? Why do we fear that life will collapse if God takes our crutches away? How can this Psalm challenge those fears and help us let those crutches go?