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cnc lathe for YB32




近年本公司決定投入工具機之研發製造,目前開發完成Eee Turning-32系列產品,其主要特色為

  • 採模組化設計維修保養容易。
  • Z軸滑軌大跨距設計,提高加工穩定度及設備壽命。
  • 超高角度斜背式設計,排除加工積屑問題,縮短設備外型尺寸,佔地空間最小

  • 主軸座外露設計,使本設備在自動化作業除棒材送料機外還可加裝前方自動送料,油壓切斷刀等模組,可供快速切換單件自動加工或 棒材送料連續自動加工,真正達到彈性自
  • 主軸可作C軸定位,加裝伺服鑽孔/攻牙動力刀座增加設備功能

  • 6位置伺服刀塔,是本公司另一精心設計之產品可供選配,三片式離合齒換刀快速縮短工時,體機最小重量最輕,車刀座無負載。 

  • 標準TFT LCD顯示器, PC BASE CNC控制器,操作方便舒適。 

  • 整機外型方正美背式設計保養及維修作業均在正面及兩側完成,實際佔用空間最小,生產動線規劃(LAY OUT)容易。

  • 模組化配重塊設計,使Eee Turning-32擁有最小體機及最合理基座重量,可同時擁有搬移容易及設備穩重的絕佳條件。

  • 佔地最小功能性最大,是CNC車床也可是CNC自動化車削專用機,同級產品價格最合理,投資報酬率最高。



Well-Set Industrial company was founded in 2001.

We specialize in manufacturing special dedicated machines, unmanned production equipment and production-line automatic equipment with experiences in on-site operations for tens of years.

Our main product are Metal-Working special machine ,Multiple drilling special machine ,CNC engine cylinder head assembly line…….
In recent years, the company's decision to invest the R & D and manufacturing machine tools, at present develops completes Eee Turning-32 serial products,


The main feature :
1. Adopt modular design, easy maintenance.

2. Z-axis slide design of large span and improve the processing stability and equipment life.

3.70-degree  angle of slider design, Very small foot print, takes up little shop space. Same great slide and control.

4.The spindle-Block exposed design, Can increase the front automatic feed units, hydraulic cutting module

To provide a single feed processing or bar for automatic processing, the real flexibility to achieve automation

5.Spindle can be used for c-axis orientation

6. 6- position servo turret, The specially designed three-piece coupling permits high precision positioning. The turret disc does not move out to prevent chips and coolant from entering, while assuring high positioning accuracy, high power output, high rigidity and repeatability.,

7.Standard 10” display,  PC BASE CNC controller, convenient and comfortable operation.
8.Modular design with weights, so Eee Turning-32 have the smallest body and the most reasonable base machine weight, can be easily removed at the same time and equipment have an excellent stable condition.

To enhance the accuracy of products and convenience of second-time processing, the Eee Turning-32 cnc lathe processing compound machine was specially developed. Provided with high-precision roller ball lead screws and a servomotor and in association with high-precision computer control, it is capable of machining, milling, drilling, cutting, threading as well as lateral processing. Thus, we provide a high-accuracy precision automatic lathe that saves time, labour and money for the hardware processing industry. In addition, this machine spares a lot of complicated preparation work for the time-consuming and labour-intense manufacture of dies during the processing process, can complete processed products in the shortest time, and can make speed delivery or make samples.