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A Message for the 8th Graders Leaving My Influence

The world is exhausting.  It is also hugely disappointing.  Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who valued the family, value education and ambition to further it, who value work and the commitment it takes to improve in anything you do.  But the older I got, the more I saw the world getting away from those important values—so much so that it sometimes caused me to want to give up on trying to help others, lead or teach them to better themselves.  You will even find that there are people who don’t want to better themselves.  I’m in the teaching field because I want to contribute to making a better world.  And it’s disappointing when I find people—children and adults, alike—who do not want to improve.  But I discovered that there is hope.  There is a reason to keep trying and not give up.  We CAN change the world, but it starts with ourselves.  So, the message I want to give you tonight is about our own attitude.

            Here are 10 secrets to successful living I want you all to remember as you leave my influence and go through the rest of your life:

1.      Take action and then let it go.  Don’t waste time worrying.  Remember that life is for living, and what will be, will be.

2.      Spend time with others who share a positive attitude.  Hang around people who value education, have ambition, value work and keep commitments.  In like manner, try to avoid people with toxic—negative—personalities.  Those are people who complain about everything—even the good things that happen to them.  We all know them, and sometimes you can’t avoid them, but don’t take what they say personal.

3.      Forgive easily the limitations of others.  So often I get disappointed by others’ actions—or more so, their non-actions.  Don’t get angry.  Don’t retaliate.  Forgive.  Don’t take what they say or do personal.  They make their decisions based on their attitudes, not on your self-worth.

4.      Always act with purpose.  Act so your actions are in line with your values and who you are.  Live with a sense of purpose, so you know why you do the things you do.  Be engaged. Be active and involved in all aspect of your life.  You are the master of your destiny, so take a role in it.  In school, work, friendship and family, do everything you do with purpose—even during downtime and relaxation.  If life is a ride, don’t you want to be the driver?

5.      ALWAYS say, “Please” and thank you.” What you give out is what you get back.  Some may refer to this as the Golden Rule—treat others as you want to be treated.  But even if you don’t think it’s important to be kind and considerate, do it anyways.  It will change your life.  People will want to be like you.  But be genuine.  Don’t just show happiness or caring or consideration.  Feel happy, truly care.  By being engaged and present; you are trustworthy and dependable, and able to have influence for good on others.

6.      Don’t compare yourself to others.  It’s okay to have a role model to look to as a guide or a goal, but never get into a habit of thinking you are better or worse off than someone else.  This is a toxic trap that will negatively affect your character.  Instead, you should compare yourself, today, to your past self.

7.      Expect the best out of every situation instead of the worst.  It’s okay to prepare for the worst, and have a plan B as things usually don’t turn out the way you want. But being in the habit of searching out the worst just so you can complain about it does no one any good.  You can always learn from the things that go wrong, but dwelling on the negative just drags you down to misery.

8.      Wake up early every day.  This, of course, requires going to bed at a good time, too.  But plan to wake up early and intend to make each day a good one.  Take the day by the horns and make sure to get every last bit out of it and on your own terms.  You’ll feel in control of your life rather than just going through life in a blur.  Again, if life is a ride, wouldn’t you want to be the driver?  Besides, the early morning brings peace into your day, and it’s a good time to meditate.

9.      Live in the present moment.  Instead of rushing about, try to spend more time watching your thoughts and becoming more mindful of that you are saying to yourself.  Worrying about something?  You’re not present.  In all your activities, act with purpose, pay attention.  Don’t rush to get on to your next activity, because you’ll miss the great things around you, now.  Which leads us to our last secret. . .

10.  Gratitude. Be grateful for everything with which you have been blessed.  Gratitude helps us balance the good and bad things that happen to us.  When life is not going so well, you can be grateful for the blessings you DO have/receive and that it is not worse—because it always can be worse.  When life is going great, gratitude keeps us humble so we retain a true appreciation of our blessings.  It helps us teach others while staying teachable—because no matter how good we are, we can always improve.

11.  Bonus secret:  Learn as much as possible—all the time.  Be a life-long “absorber.”  Like a dry sponge, you need to thirst after good knowledge.  Before you can change the world, you need to know how it works.  And knowledge is power.  Learning new skills is empowering.  You don’t get taken advantage of and it takes away fear of the unknown.

So as you go out into this exhausting and disappointing world, find worthy role models who will teach you to drive this ride of your life.  Then drive. Be engaged, Be present, Be genuine, Be grateful, Be a life-long absorber, and never forget your time here in the Wellsburg Middle School Band.

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