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Welcome to Morning Massage!

     NEWS!!! Morning Massage has officially moved and transformed, as has the therapist Terisa Hall, LMT! I got married in June 2016, and have become Terisa Parker, LMT.  In celebration, I have opened a new office under my new name: Terisa Parker Massage, at Salon Adara, in Brunswick, Maine! My new address is 16C Lincoln St., and massages are still By Appointment Only. Call or Text (207)869-0423 to get your special introductory hour for only $45!
     Some common benefits my clients experience: 
reduced pain
    greater focus
    increased vitality
    increased blood flow
    increased flexibility
    enhanced soft tissue healing
    reduced stiffness  
    reduced muscular and                          emotional stress
Recent Testimonials:

            I had a severe stiff neck for a couple days. Terisa massaged my 
and back and the next morning when I woke up, the pain and stiffness 
was gone! She was very professional! I highly recommend her!       
~ Janna
           I was coming down with what was seemingly going to be a very bad 
cold I had Terisa do lymph massage on me. I got worse symptoms as she 
said would happen, but then within 24 hours I was feeling so much better 
with energy to get through my day. I highly recommend Terisa doing this 
type of massage, hopefully before you get symptoms.

            Had the pleasure of a massage from Terisa even before she had completely finished her training. She was thorough and efficient in finding 
what particular mode of therapy would be best for me and finding the 
"spots" that needed the most work.
A year later, she saw me limping and suggested an exercise that has been 
the answer to getting rid of the pain. Whenever I sense the return of that 
pain, I do a few sets of the exercise and return to normal mobility very 
quickly. Terisa cares about all of you and not just the massage!    
     I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage 
and polarity therapy.

            In health and relaxation,
                              Terisa Parker, L.M.T.

(207) 869-0423

Don't put reduced stress, pain-relief, and relaxation off any longer. Call today and allow me to share the countless benefits of safe, relaxing Therapeutic Massage and Polarity Therapy!

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