Wellness Full Body Massage in Delhi offers you a wide range of massage services. Each person, depending on their needs, may choose, with the advice of the professional experts of our spa, their choice of massage or appropriate therapy.

    Swedish massage
The Swedish massage (known throughout the West as a massage) is based on amassment, pressure and percussion manipulations, using oils or creams. Restore muscle balance, by restoring micro-circulation to the affected muscles, stretching of the shortened muscles and toning the stents.

Relaxing: Applied in a gentle, rhythmic and slow manner, acts on the afferent nerves, contributing a sensation of sedation of the nervous system. Ideal to calm tensions after a hard day of work, nerves, etc.

Therapeutic: the maneuvers of amassment, pressure and joint movement have a beneficial effect on muscular contractures, adhesions, overloads, restrictions of amplitude of movement, etc. In spite of this, the therapist-masseur is not a doctor of medicine and, therefore, does not perform diagnostics or medical treatments.

    Sports: tonifies the muscular system before practicing sport (percussion maneuvers) or retrieves it by eliminating waste products generated by the body to carry out the activity (lactic acid).

    Massage in ergonomic chair (chair massage)
The person sits, without removing the clothes, in a firm, comfortable and ergonomic chair. Relax and ... simply let the masseuse work. The sessions last between 10 and 25 minutes and works in the areas with the highest tension in the body. It is simple, comfortable, hygienic and practical (only 2 m² are required).

    Music therapy
Music therapy is the use of music to harmonize our minds. The person receives stimuli from the melodies, which help them achieve a state of optimal relaxation to receive and enhance the effects of the massage in delhi.

Aromatherapy is a totally natural treatment that uses the properties of plants, through the essential oils that are obtained from its processing. The ease with the skin to absorb the active components of essential oils makes them penetrate directly into the body through the massage, mixed with base oil.

 With the different combinations of aromatic oils we obtain the perfect combination, depending on the desired effect. Rosemary activates circulation, lavender is relaxing, cypress is purified, eucalyptus prevents fluid retention, mint alleviates physical and mental fatigue, etc.

    Thai massage
 Thai massage is a deep body work that helps restore our vital energy and rebalance our physical, mental and emotional aspect. The techniques used are: pressures, balances and stretching, slow and sustained.

Pressures are performed with the fingers, hands, feet, elbows or knees and follow the energy lines of the body. Passive stretches allow us to regain flexibility and achieve a deep relaxation.

The origin of the Thai massage is found in India, in the Buddha time, in the 1st century BC. He received influences from traditional Chinese medicine, through the study and use of energy points and pressures in various key areas of the body.

    Foot reflexology
Foot reflexology is a method of manual stimulation that treats the body through its reflex points on the feet. Each part or system of our body has a reflex zone at the feet and exerting a direct pressure in these zones, we obtain a self-regulation of the different organs and tissues.

The origin of reflexology goes back to ancient Egypt, but its current formulation is due to the work of Dr. Fritzgerald at the beginning of the 20th century. Apart from its effects throughout the body, reflexology is also an excellent massage for our feet, which, although sometimes painful, recovers them from their usual

We offer a wide range of services and spa treatments and adapt to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relaxation, weight loss, recovery ...) under the supervision of our medical team.

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