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Wellington Handball Tournament 2013

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Week 13  25th August 2013

Game 1 Sparatnz Men vs Hutt Hawks Men

This game looked to be in the hands of the Hawks before the game started, as the Spartanz were missing a few key players including their goal keeper. However this was not to be even though the hawks started strong, after the first 10 minutes it was the Spartanz who were on form and they started catching the Hawks. Their momentum carried on into the second half, but that is when the Hawks hit second gear and they started to score some nice goals from set play. The game ended with the hawks winning comfortably 29-20.

Game 2 Porirua Womens Team vs Vikings Womens Team

Both Teams had strong defense and this game was always going to be a low scoring affair. It was the Vikings who got out to a good start the back three were really working well together putting on some nice pressure. It was only until the second half where the Poriruas attack really got going putting on some nice pressure from the backs and thus cutting through the middle of the defense. This got Porirua back into the game the score 11-10, however it was not to be Poriruas night and although the score remained close the Vikings managed to keep just above the Porirua girls, Vikings winning 19-15.

Game 3 Vic Uni men vs Viking Men

The old rivalry between Vikings and Vic was very much alive in this game meaning there was good intensity for the entire match. It was the Vikings who made the best start defending well and setting up there wings through nice set play. The Viking were also going 1v1 and getting through quite often putting themselves in a good position in the first half. Vic on the other hand took a while to get going, however once they got going the goals started coming and although it took them to the second half to regain the lead once they regained it they really encapsulated that momentum and ran with it, although the game was close the entire match Vic didn’t look like they were going to lose it from 10minutes to go Vic winning 35-31.

Game 4 Spartanz Women vs Vic Uni Women

With the Spartanz being down a player and Vic Unis current form in the competition one would have thought this would have been an easy game for Vic Uni, this was not the case as although Vic Uni started well, the Spartanz attack really steeped up and were scoring some nice one vs one goals. By half time it was 11 a piece and anyone’s game, unfortunately for the Spartanz  having a player down really caught up with them in the second half, the vic girls ran some nice fast breaks after some tight defense taking the game 26-16 ( to Vic Uni).

Thank you Claire H for the photos above.

The league now breaks for a week good luck with training,


Week 12  18th August 2013

Before i start a huge thanks must go to Jun Tanlayco who took photos of the Hutt Woman vs Vic uni Women in

week 10. Please visit Juns website to see these and more pictures

Game 1 Sparatnz Women vs Hutt Hawks Women

This game started off very close with both teams having an array of new players, including some fresh out of retirement. The Spartanz Girls took the lead it wasn’t to last the Hutt girls taking back it back after 10 minutes, taking all their opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net. By the end of half time Hutt were up 13-7. Although the Spartanz have definitely steeped up their game, especially in terms of getting the ball around with speed it was the Hutt Hawks defense that won them the game, managing to rack up a few fast breaks due to their soild defense. Hutt took the game 20-12

Game 2 Hutt Hawks Men vs Viking Men

This game was a tight match the whole sixty minutes. At first the hawks took the lead through some nice back shooting, however then the Vikings attack really stepped up and they started to get to six. They gradually took the lead going up by two into the second half. This lead was short lived however, as the hawks really came out firing from their changing room to regain the lead. The hawks momentum stuck right until the 10minutes when the Vikings great defense ensured they kept the hawks scoreless and again taking the lead. It came down to the last minute of the game where the score was tied, both teams had their opportunity but failed to convert, the second draw of the league, 36-36.

Game 3 Porirua Women vs Vic Uni Women

The Vic Uni women’s team along with the hawks have been dominating the Women's competition, this seemed to continue for the Victoria Uni girls in the first half with Porirua not converting their opportunities. This said the Vic girls had a strong defense, even scoring a few goals through fast breaks. However the Porirua girls had gain much experience in Auckland and  it was the Porirua girls who came out screaming in the second half, they changed their defense structure, and as the Vic girls struggled to adjust to the defense the Porirua girls scored goal after goal in a row. This forced the Vic girls to take a time out as the Porirua girls had the momentum and were only four goals down. This timeout proved great strategy as the Vic girls figured how to counter the defense and went on to win the game 19-12 (Vic win)

Game 4 Victoria Uni Men vs Spartanz Men

For the first 10 minutes this game started out close and both the Spartanz and Vic Uni looked strong from set play. However Vic Uni got the upper hand, they never looked back. The main tactic that seemed to be used by the vic team was a strong defense followed by some good fast-break running and passing. This backed up with not just good 1v1 plays but also good pivot passing really nailed the coffin down for the Spartanz. It was just not the Spartanz night they mainly struggled to get good pressure on from the backs and were forced to shoot from low percentage shots, in saying this there was moments of good play especially their pivot work it just needed to be for the entire game Vic winning 40-22

I must apologize for not keeping the site updated, it should be all back on track once the last few games have been input.



Commentary on weeks 8, 9, 10 ,11 were not written up.


Week 7 30th June

Just a reminder to the players we now go on a break for a week.

Game 1 Hutt Men vs Spartanz Men

In this game the spartanz played very well where as the hutt hawks played terribly. The game started and the hawks did not have a full team as they were late. The spartanz went up by four goals when the rest of the hawks players finally did arrive the game really got underway, from this point on the spartanz looked very dangerous, they were scoring from every position. The spartanz are a team re born in this competition from now on every game in the mens competition will be hard fought each team seems even now and in this game the hawks underestimated the spartanz and paid dearly spartanz winning 29-17.

Game 2 Spartanz Girls vs Hutt Girls

 It is obvious that the spartanz women's team is improving, this game saw them playing some nice team handball and especially nice defense. It was there attack which let them down, the spartanz kept the hutt girls too only 26 goals they had their chances on attack and if they had taken them this game could have been rather different.

Game 3 Vikings Men vs Vic Men

This was one tight game both teams at points in the game would hold the lead over the other however they would always be caught back up, this meant the game came down to the final few minutes, vic uni managed to go up by two, but the vikings came screaming back at them only scoring and thus only needing one to win, however vic uni cleverly held the ball for the last thirty seconds suffocating the vikings, vic winning 35-34

Game 4 Porirua vs Vic Uni

As was always going to happen with the vic girls they lost a few of their foreign players as they have gone home and unfortunately for the team a few more will leave in the coming weeks. This did not stop vic uni from coming out strong and rolling the porirua team, from the start the vic attack was on fire. Although it must have been a surprise to vic uni as the porirua team were also playing well on attack. Porirua have made some real gains in this part of their game and its exciting to see their development. Vic Uni winning 44-22.


Week 6 23rd June 2013

It has been obvious this week that certain teams are improving through playing in this league, games are getting closer and just because a team won against a team last round does not mean that they will win in the next.

Game 1 Vic Uni Women vs Viking Women

This game was a lot closer then the last time these two teams meet. Showing just how much the Vikings Women have improved over the last  six weeks. This said it was Vic Uni whom came out strong really dominating the first ten minutes, after this initial onslaught however the Vikings pushed back to be only two down by half time. Vic uni showed great confidence in the second half, in this section of the game it was vic uni taking all there opportunity's really putting themselves in good positions of which to shoot. 
Unfortunately on the other side of the court the Vikings did not take theirs, missed shots from nine as well as missed  fast breaks, this was when the game was decided vic uni coming out on top 19-10 Both these teams have good experienced foreign players, however it is the young kiwi girls who are these teams future, whichever team best nurtures these players will be the team to dominate in the years to come.

Game 2 Spartanz Men vs Vic Uni Men 

This game came as a surprise for me, although Vic Uni had a fantastic team, with loads of experienced players they really struggled against the very young and less experienced players in the Spartanz side. There were times Vic Uni looked unstoppable but they never really seemed to get going, the Spartanz on the other hand played above themselves, there one vs one was strong breaking through the centre of the Vic Unis defence constantly, Vic Uni having the best defence in the league this was rather 
uncharacteristic of the team. In saying all this Vic Uni had the Game tied up with the last 15 minutes to go the end score being 31-23.

Game 3 Hawks Women vs Porirua Women

This game saw a slow start from both teams, Poriruas defence was working well during the first 10 minutes but so was the Hutt hawks,  this especially true considering the hawks were a woman down.  Then the hawks got there mojo back and started to pile the goals on. Although Porirua defence was still strong nice individual and team play from the Hawks women meant the goals started to pile on. It was'snt till the second half till the Porirua team got their attack in order, a few nice fast breaks and some nice nine meter shots showed just how much the Porirua attack has improved from last week. The Hawks Taking the win 30-9.
Game 4 Hawks Men vs Vikings Men

The vikings of the back of a good game against the Spartanz last week, were fired up and ready to go from the onset of this game. Whereas the Hutt hawks seemed not to be their usual self for the first twenty minutes of the game.  The Vikings took every oportunity given to them where as the hawks struggled to contain the Vikings team. After twenty minutes the Vikings were up by 10 goals. This was the game although the hawks had moments where they fought back the Vikings would have none of it keeping their lead of 10 for the rest of the game. Vikings Win 43-32.


Week 5: 16th June 2013

Game 1 Vic Uni Men vs Hutt Hawks Men

The first upset of the season this game is especially special as it is the first time any team has beaten Vic Uni in wellington for over a year. Although it was a game riddled with handling errors, The Hutt Hawks definitely were in-charge of the game for the first fifty minutes going up by eleven goals. However Vic Uni put up a great fight, in the last 10 minutes managed to close the gap to only four, the Hawks winning 33-29.

Game 2 Hutt Hawks Women vs Vikings Women.

The Hawks definitely had the experience on paper and it proved to be too much for the Vikings girls, the Hawks Women looked at ease after the first 10 minutes making nice crosses and nine meter shoots. The vikings girls continue to improve this season and it was good to see that in this game, under good coaching this team has made good progress, a good sign for such a young team. Hutt won 27-13

Game 3 Vikings men vs Sparanz Men

A great display of how handball is a team sport was shown by the vikings in this game, although the first half was close (this due to some individual brilliance shown by the spartanz), It was the vikings who pulled ahead in the second half. There pivot passing was fantastic and team work suburb. Vikings winning 31-20

Game 4 Spartanz Women vs Porirua Women

The spartanz girls team have also been developing well especially over the last couple of weeks, although it took ten minutes for the spartanz girls to get their fast breaks going once they did the game was never in contest. Poriruas defence during set play was very good however their attack the balls were not going in the goal the spartanz keeper having a great game. The Porirua girls were making the opportunity's but they were not putting the ball in the back of the net and every missed goal the spartanz would push their attack quickly down field. Also what must be said is some of the spartanz new players have stepped up their game putting on nice pressure, the spartanz winning 18-1.


Week 4: 9th June 2013

This week saw some exciting games surrounded by a little controversy especially in the last game.

Game 1 Sparanz Women vs Viking Women

This game was a rather interesting game to watch as both teams only had 6 players allowing for some real open play and plenty of fast breaks. Both teams were a mix of beginner players and experienced players. It was always going to be close, unfortunately the vikings team had a few injuries, this allowed the spartanz team to keep a constant lead. This was however until the last couple of minutes. The spartanz had many one on ones with the keeper but could not manage to put the ball in the net, where as the vikings really took all their opportunities. The game came down to the last 20 seconds. The spartanz had the ball  and really had to score on this set attack. With nerves of steel they managed to. The spartanz taking it out 21-20.

Game 2 Hutt Hawks Men Vs Spartanz Men

Although the spartanz attack was on form there defence really let them down having an inexperienced keeper for the majority of the game, this did not make it easy. The Hawks managed to shoot from nine and there attack was also working well. The game was never really in dispute the Hawks winning 40-27.

Game 3 Hutt Hawks Woman vs Vic Uni Women

This game really had it all, a very tight match from the onset both teams played well. The experience in both teams was very apparent and the best handball of the night was played during this game with both teams taking the right options and actually playing like a team. There was no one individual dominating as many players on the field were creating gaps and running good lines meaning most players were dangerous. Not only this but for the first 50 minutes neither team could really get a head the score basically being equal the entire match, however then vic uni stepped it up a notch with 10 minutes to go not only did their defense really step up but also their attack, the game going from 21-21 to an end score of 31-23 to vic uni.

Game 4 Vic Uni vs Vikings Men

The last game saw the vikings take on vic uni. Vic uni had a strong start and after the first couple of minutes the vikings did not look like they would stand a chance, however after some nice shooting and good defense they managed to even the score up. This would happen a few times through the game vic uni would pull a head with some good attack, then the vikings would catch them back up. This was a scrappy game, both sides defending rather hard, this came to a front as the first red card of the league was given out as a vikings player took out a player from the side in the air during a fast break. This was the nail in the coffin for the vikings although the game was still close they were not able to fully catch vic uni the score ending up 27-25  to vic uni.

Till next week
Ben P


The league now breaks for two weeks due to the Christchurch tournament and Queens Birthday weekend. 

Week 3 19th May 2013

I think its fair to start of this weeks post by congratulating the Auckland Regional Handball team in their bid for the super-globe title qualification in Australia on the 18th and 19th of May. Auckland played the defending champions Sydney University to see who would qualify for Oceania, although in both games Auckland came out hard taking the lead, the games were close and they managed to only marginally lose both games. It is good to see NZ edgeing closer to qualifying each year, and worth mentioning that the next qualification tournament will take place in Tahiti, October 2013. Well done to the Auckland team that represented NZ well and good luck to Sydney Uni in this year’s super-globe championship.

Spartanz Men vs Vic Uni Men

Victoria University Showed their dominant ways from the start to the finish of this game really showing the strength of their side the whole match. The men’s competition is well contested, it was a surprise personally not to see a tighter match here, the Spartanz did not seem to be as successful on fast breaks as in previous weeks the Spartanz are a good team and play well together this week however Victoria Uni outplayed them on all fronts. (Vic win 32-17)

Porirua Women vs Vikings Women

This game has been the closest game in the woman’s league so far. At first the Porirua team came out using quite aggressive defence, this in turn seemed to shake the Vikings team being a little more timed when hitting the Porirua line. The first half went goal for goal neither team making inroads on attack with some individual brilliance from both teams after 30 minutes the score was three all. An intense half time talk seemed to really lift the Vikings girls confidence and after 10 minutes they finally got a two point advantage and although the Porirua team also put some nice goals in the back of the net this half was the Vikings, they started to play better as a team and some very nice nine meter shots from the backs there confidence grew and grew untill the final score was 12-7 to the Vikings.

Hutt Hawks Men vs Vikings Men

The Hutt Hawks came out strong, going up by four goals before the Vikings scored one. There attack from the backs and their nine meter shooting was simply superb. Then the Vikings made a few changes and for a while the teams went goal for goal, until not only did the hawks make a bunch of unforced errors but the Vikings played arguably the best team play by any team this session, the wings shooting some very well placed shots indeed. This evened up the game to be tied 14 all at half time and all of a sudden we had a ball game on our hands. The first half was almost a repeat of the second. The hawks came out strong only for the Vikings to start catching up from some very nine attack, however although the Vikings had all of the momentum going into the last two minutes the hawks managed to keep them out winning 31-29 (hutt).

Spartanz Women Vs Vic Uni Women

The Vic Uni woman continued there dominant form this week although they did not dominate quite as much as was expected due to some nice play from the Spartanz. The Spartanz had some more experience in the backs then last week, and it was good to see the girls playing more as a team, setting up there wings while doing some nice one vs one attack and getting to six meters. In saying this again this was Vic Unis game, the teams depth was apparent as they were missing a few of there experienced players. The girls who were there however played very well, eventually wining 34-17 (vic uni)

Again a reminder that the league breaks for two weeks due to the Christchurch tournament and Queens Birthday weekend.

Thanks to everyone who makes this league possible,



Week 2 12th Of May 2013

Another four intense handball games got played this week, the clubs have been putting in some hard work  recruiting players especially in the girls division, leading to some new faces and maybe some players who have not been seen on the court for a while. This is good to see as it means that slowly the sport is growing.

Spartanz Women vs Hutt Hawks Women

This was the maiden game for the Spartanz woman in 2013, this year the spartanz will be starting somewhat afresh as two of their more experienced players are currently on break from handball. It has meant that leading and organising the team has fallen to the younger girls and although they currently lack experience, if these girls keep training they could be a slick unit. 

The hutt hawks came out firing and the spartanz with only six players on the field (a full team consists of seven) were always going to find this a tough game. The hawks were playing as a team, due to there solid defence this would allow for many opportunity's for fast breaks. Even when the hawks were not fast breaking the crossing and the good pressure lines created holes for hutts piviot and good opportunity's to shot from nine meters. The spartanz attack really fell to two of their more experience players, and was more one vs one type attack. Although it was good to see the new  girls in the spartanz every now and again making good plays, this was when they were running of the ball and a few times they created space, a rather impressive feet given there experience and the fact they were down a woman. Although this was definitely the hawks night taking the game 40-15 (Hutt win).

Spartanz Men vs Vikings Men

The mens league is really turning into a rather close competition there is no weak link out of the four teams. This game was no exception another closely fought match between these guys. The Vikings however definitely started stronger out of the two teams, showing great team work making nice crossing movements which usually ended up being passed to the pivot and really involved their whole team. However for the spartanz it was a different story last week this team fast breaked something fierce and made it look easy, however for the first five minutes  the same tactics simply did not pay dividends as their passes were not able to stick. However like usual the spartanz came straight back at the vikings but this was mainly through some nice set play converting both from the wing and placing some nice nine meter shots. After Half time it was the Vikings who really  set the pace converting some nice fast breaks and scoring in quick rapid fire succession going up by six. Again the Spartanz came back fighting narrowing the margin back to three, unfortunately it was too little too late and the vikings ended up winning 30 -25 (Vikings Win).

The Vikings played really well as a team and all credit must be given where it is due, although it would be interesting if the spartanz had more consistency throughout the game, there were times where the spartanz were creeping up on the vikings score and if the spartanz played like they did in these parts for the entire game the result may have been entirely different.

Porirua Women vs Victoria Uni Women

It must really be said that the Victoria University womans team is playing extremely well at the moment. Individual players have great individual skills and to top it off they are gluing well as a team. In saying this the first half porirua defended aggressively this stemmed the usual onslaught of vic uni only allowing 15 goals through and considering the players vic uni had on attack this is a promising sign for Porirua. However it was Poriruas attack which let them down, there were times of individual brilliance but the team never really got pressure going this on top of some good keeper work from vic uni helped keep the porirua team to only three goals after the first half. In the second half Poriruas aggression dwindled slightly allowing vic uni to really step up their attack and that they did, pouring on the goals in both fast break and set play, eventually taking the game 40-7(Vic Win).

Hutt Hawks Men vs Victoria Uni Men

This game was rather physical and aggressive by both teams, in the beginning both teams could not take the upper hand the score staying equal for the first 10 minutes,  then Hutt hawks made a few unforced errors you simply cannot do this against vic uni, at every position each player is a threat and vic uni capitalised scoring from nine meter shots, from the wing and through fast breaks. In the second half the Hawks were down by five. Something was said right at half time as they really started picking up both there attack and defence allowing several fast breaks to occur as well as some nice set play. The difference in this game at the end of the day was that in Attack Vic uni worked more crosses and their play was slightly more dynamic, while the hawks  for most of the game simply put pressure on and manily scored from nine meter shots and pivot passes. Due to this with 10 minutes to go it was obvious that the game was Vic unis winning 37-28(Vic win). It must be said that the game ended on a high note when the Hutt Hawks nearly scored a kempa on the buzzer, it was a little late so was disallowed.

The league seems to be running well with the team organisers doing good work in ensuring their teams are present not only for the games but also their duty, as well as having good league officials taking care of each game.

Thanks for reading till next week,


Week 1 -5th Of May 2013

The first week of the Wellington Handball League kicked of this Sunday with 78 players from around wellington gathering at Kilbirnie recreation centre and ASB sports centre to play against wellingtons best handball players. There was a total of 4 games two men's games and two woman game's.

Vikings Men vs Victoria University Men

The first game was between first and second place from 2012, a fierce rivalry has preceded these two teams over the last few years and tonight was no different. In this match the Vikings looked to make a strong start scoring first and eventually going up by two points after the first five minutes. It was the Vikings who were looking strong on set attack while Vic Uni did not seem their usual slick unit in this regard. However once the game really got going so did Vic Uni, there main threat in attack was their fast breaks and the Vikings seemed unable to contain the onslaught of these and although they could match Vic Unis set play strength this proved to be the deciding factor, Vic Uni coming away with the win 24-20.

Vikings Women vs Victoria University Women

The second game the very experienced Victoria University took on the Vikings Woman's team. A lot of the Vikings Woman's team have made the step up from playing at school level to playing at the higher adult level. For Wellington this is an exciting event as youth players going up against experienced players will serve to develop those youth players hopefully giving them greater ability in the upcoming years. However it is important to say that this was a very one sided match Vic Uni brought their dominating play back from Palmerston north, allowing no mercy against this young team, Vic Uni winning 45-8.

Hutt Hawks Men vs Spartanz Men

This game proved to be a very tough contest much closer then the score gives credit. The match started much like it finished, it was close every time the Hawks slotted one in the net the Spartanz would respond with a very quick fast break putting away a skillful goal at the other end. In-fact in short this seems to sum up the match nicely. There were periods when the Hawks were up by several goals but the Spartanz would constantly fight back to get right back in it. With two minutes to go the score was 28-27 and it was anyone's game. However the Hawks sealed the deal scoring several quick goals winning 34-31. Over the last couple of weeks the Spartanz men's team has really started coming together and what they lack in experience they are making up in intelligent play backed up by good strategy.  This in turn is making the men's competition very close, with each match looking like it will be hard fought. The hawks are also developing nicely with the player base increasing.

Porirua Women vs Hutt Hawks Women

The last match saw the new and green Porirua woman's team go up against the veteran Hutt Hawks, and although the Porirua team had a complete team of beginners, good handball was played on both sides of the court. At first the Porirua woman's team looked somewhat shaky in defense however this quickly changed as they started becoming more comfortable at making fouls and eventually the Hawks were forced to shoot from 9m as the Porirua defense stopped much of the 6 meter attempts by the Hawks. However Porirua had no answer to the Nine meter shots and it got worse for the Porirua team when the Hawks came out firing after half time, most noticeably was the extra effort in forcing the fast break the Hawks extending their lead, although Porirua eventually started getting back faster it was too late as the Hawks had the nail in the coffin winning 27-13. It must be said however that the Porirua team is another exciting team in the woman's competition. This team screams raw talent and it will be exciting to see where this team ends up in a couple of months.

Photos are coming thanks to Trevor Vickers who has been doing a great job in taking photographs of the teams and games.

Ben Potaka

The Wellington handball league starts on the 5th of may 2013

Currently the league will be played at both the ASB recreation centre and the Kilbirnie Recreation centre. Please look at the draw for more information.

This website will there will be weekly updates on game results, top goal scorers and more.