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The drinking club with a running problem

We are celebrating 2000 runs!!  Come join us on November 14th 2015 at 2:00 at the Northland Community Centre.


JIM JIM, The original  Ladies hare, will be co-haring the Saturday run with Fire in the original run location: the Otari Wilton bush. 

5 Woburn Rd, Northland, Wellington 6012

Cost:  $35.00

The rego form is below. Just send the relevant info to Fire.


Yes I am coming:

Hash Handle:_____________


Drink:   Beer___Wine___ Soft____

Food:  Veggie_____ GF___ Other___ Not picky______  

Contact Phone number:  Email:________________

Shirts will be an extra $35.  They are a high quality dry tech fabric.  If you preorder they will be printed with your name:   Please specify HOW you want it spelled. _________   Size _________

Wgtn ladies hash house

Account number 03 0510 0719648 00

Disclaimer: If you are run over by a car or bus,  fall over and hurt yourself, fall off a mountain, get wet, or fall down having drunk too much of the amber liquid, then by hash house harrier standards it is your own fault and no fault of the hare or any committee.