April 28th Public Ghost Hunt

On April 28Th, 2012, PIOW conducted a public fund raiser to help restore and renovate 2 historic buildings in Downtown Wellington, Kansas. Thank you to all of the attendees who contributed to the event and thank you to the residents and businessmen who opened their buildings for our use. We investigated the Memorial Auditorium, the Regent theater, the Bale building, the Buckman building and the Smith Building. There were approximately 70 people involved during the evening so evidence collection was sparse due to voice contamination and body movement.
The auditorium was quiet during the evening although 2 EVP's were captured (below), several people in the balcony heard footsteps and felt cold spots in several areas.
The Regent yielded one excellent and chilling EVP. Also, 3 people had a door slam on them in the old projection room, one group heard opera being sung in the apartment and Jim and I tried tracking down a shadow figure outside the apartment in the back hallway.
Below is evidence from the evening's investigations.
The first video may be one of our finest catches to date. No one has been able to explain it. (We've added a bit of music to add to the experience.) This video was taken at about 9:15 PM on the third floor of the Smith Building. We have eliminated all the usual suspects - dust orbs, bugs, moths, midget bats, headlights ..... It has been viewed by photographers as well as paranormal investigators. No answers.

Below is a brightened version of the same video.

14 minutes after that, a voice is heard in the same location.

The same camera picked up an aural phenomenon that we had been trying to witness all night with our guests. In this cap you'll hear what sounds like a footstep and then a large piece of furniture being moved. You will note that there is nothing visible in the video that is moving.

Still in the Smith, I heard voices outside talking too loudly so I asked them to be quiet. It wasn't quiet enough for me so I went back out and admonished them again. As i came back into the hallway, someone took exception to my behavior. Someone whom we couldn't see.

This is from the Regent Theater. Daniel, an investigator, was trying to establish the sex of any spirits in the location. This was recorded on Leanne's recorder (female investigator). Her mom had died of cancer that had spread to her throat leaving her almost speechless for the final 6 months of her life.

In the Memorial Auditorium men's room we were having trouble getting the spirits to  do anything obvious (as is usually the case).

In the former mortuary basement, Jim, one of our investigators was attempting to get "Jameson" the entity in residence to show himself. Jameson was a mortician in his own mind as his only schooling was self-taught. The EVP response appears to be "more butter" which is repeated by  another voice. That seems to be out of context until you consider that the Egyptian method of mummification included Shea butter.

In the balcony of the auditorium we were letting people sit in Joseph's seat 25 where the spirit watch musical variety shows. The voice that is heard singing sounds like it should be from a human being. The other group in the building was in the men's locker/bathroom with 2 doors separating us. The auditorium had no one else in it and our other lead investigator said all of his guests were present and accounted for. As for our group, we didn't hear the voice. I'll let the listener be the judge on this one. Interesting if nothing else. If someone can debunk it, please do.

The following photo has been looked at by our guest photographer and our tech manager. What is the green "thing" on April's chest. We have tried to find all the light sources that may have caused it. This is the top floor of the Buckman/Bale building complex. Please feel free to debunk this one as well.

Here is a blowup: