Here is a good safety link, worth a read for all experience levels



Around here some solid advice is to always wear a helmet, talk to some of the guys that are wearing helmets and ask them why.  The one thing about kiting is no matter how many safety devices you have there is always risk.  


Board Leashes

Are not a good idea, the board can easily whip back and hit you.  Best advice is to learn how to body drag up wind to get your board if it falls off


Around surfers and other beach users

 Main points are:

*Be respectful, don't (accidentally) spray any surfers that you go pass
*Always give way to them whether they are on a wave, paddling out or
paddling in
*Never catch a wave they are going for even if it looks like they are
not going to get it.  We can get 10 times as many waves as them, so in
other words just give them every wave, there are plenty of others for us.
*Never kiteboard though a pack of surfers, either turn around or go on
the inside or (wide) outside of them.