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Pyle Road West / Manaia View Road / Karoro Road - All three roads give access to the same area.  Take the Port Marsden Highway turn off SH1, turn left onto One Tree Point Rd, and left onto one of the three roads before you reach the One Tree Point boat ramp.  Karoro Road has the best parking and is just around the corner from One Tree Point boat ramp.  This spot works best from low tide and is ankle to chest deep for 200m plus from the shore.  At high tide the rig-up area gets very small right up against the sandstone cliffs. The area is open from the west so can get a little choppy if it is very windy, best to ride upwind, close to the mangroves for the flattest water. 



One Tree Point Sand Bar - Off One Tree Point Road just east of the One Tree Point boat ramp - Parking is on the side of the road along the cliff top; there is an easy walk down to the rig up area on the sand bar itself. This spot again is best around low tide; the water is FLAT behind the sand bar, the bottom is sand with a few shells around – watch your feet. NW gives the best riding, the NE can also be stronger here than at the ocean beach thanks to the way it wraps around the mountains on the north side of the harbour.



Marsden Bay - This tidal bay is the first rideable spot on the inside of Whangarei Harbour as you head west on One Tree Point Rd.   The reserve to the East of the Marsden Cove Marina channel is a lovely grassy rig up with a small sandy beach at high tide and 600 meters or more at low tide.  



Waipu Cove/Johnson Point Road (JP’s) - Waipu Cove can be accessed from SH1, or via the coast road from Mangawhai – follow the signs from either direction.  At the Waipu River mouth accessed at Johnson’s Point Rd there’s a flat-water estuary at high tide with surf riding on the outside. This area is tide affected and works best from full tide.  This is a Wildlife Management reserve and no wildlife should be disturbed (see attached map and Note under Ruakaka Beach).  This area is best avoided in the Fairy Terns’s breeding season, as they are a critically endangered species – so if you have a choice, rather use one of the other superb riding spots.



Uretiti Beach / Tip Road - Between Waipu Cove and Ruakaka is a long safe white sandy beach.  Access to the beach is from either the DOC camp near the rest area on SH1 or via Uretiti and Tip Road. An open ocean spot, very good when straight cross-shore for kitesurfing.  The flat hard sand also makes this a fantastic beach at low tide in onshore Easterlies for buggy or mountain boarding.  Great camping can be had at the DOC camp; $7 per person per night for a camp site right in the dunes.



Ruakaka beach and river mouth – Turn off SH1 onto Marsden Point Rd and turn right into Ruakaka Beach township and follow your nose to Ruakaka Beach Surf Club. The parking and rig up area is at the north end of the surf club car park. This spot is incredible; the estuary has flat water riding, while the Sand Bar at the river mouth gives great wave riding. The beach/sand bar work well in any tide, the estuary is best from high tide onwards – where the out flowing water gives you extra upwind ability. NE does not work well here, due to a wind shadow off Whangarei Heads, better to head to Mair Road in those conditions. Right on the estuary is Ruakaka Motorcamp, offering campsites and cabins it is certainly a top spot for a camping kite holiday.

NOTE: Part of this area is a Wildlife Refuge and DOC advises that all wildlife within the boundaries are protected, including not being disturbed or harried in any way. (See attached map)



The Power Station and Ruakaka Racecourse - Two well-known surf spots in the Ruakaka area. From SH1 take the Marsden Point Road turn off, take the right turn at the Ruakaka shopping centre and follow the signs to the Race Course beach access or to find the Power Station turn right at the Ruakaka Tavern and head for the BIG green buildings right on the beach. Open ocean riding, both of these spots have ever changing sand bars which can give great breaks when the swell is up with excellent flat water on the inside.



Mair Road - The last beach access before the Marsden Point Oil Refinery, take the Port Marsden Highway turn off on SH1, drive all the way to Marsden Point and turn into Mair Road just before the Refinery. Parking area is big; rig up is on the beach. This spot works best at low tide as the sand bars give a large area of flat water on the inside. At high tide the rig up area can be small and the waves tend to pile up on the beach.  The cross-shore NE sea breeze is a couple of knots stronger here than anywhere else in Bream Bay.  We spend most of our days riding at this superb location.

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