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Web Team

Simple changes and error reporting.

If you notice any inaccuracies in content or have any suggestions to add to the site, please contact the Web Team.

You can do this by contacting either of the following:
Managing your own content.

In order to manage content you must have a Gmail (googlemail) account and then contact one of the web team to get the necessary permissions. Creating a Google account is free and easy to do:
  1. Click here to access Gmail;
  2. Click the "Create an account" button on the right of the screen;
  3. Follow the instructions to create the account;
  4. Email me with your new account and I'll enlist you as a contributor to the village site.
A Gmail account is similar to a Hotmail or Yahoo account, only much better.

Using Google Sites

There is a lot of online documentation, forums and help provided by Google. Click here  You can, of course create your own personal website as well.

Using the calendars

Google calendars are just one of the widgets available when you create a gmail account. As well as managing your own personal calendar, you can help manage the village calendar.