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Smartwater Distribution at Farmers Arms on 18 March

posted 7 Feb 2020, 04:20 by M Bain   [ updated 7 Feb 2020, 04:33 by Wellington Heath Cap ]
 The largest anti-crime initiative that Wellington Heath has seen in it's history is now underway.

SmartWater is a simple, effective way of marking your goods (anything from jewellery to motor vehicles) with an almost invisible liquid that is permanent and individually coded to your property.

The Welcome Meeting on February 1st saw a number of kits distributed to villagers and this message serves as a reminder to those who have been issued with the kits to apply the window stickers as soon as possible to alert any potential burglars who may be 'casing the joint' that your property is protected. Only last month a Land Rover Defender was stolen in Cradley after burglars obtained the keys.

 Some further guidance about applying SmartWater may be found on the links below.

 Application to Household Goods and Possessions


 Application to Vehicles


As not all people were able to attend last Saturday's meeting to collect their kit, another event will be held in the evening of Wednesday 18th March in The Farmers Arms, from 18:45 until 22:00.

We will set up in The Cowshed, so feel free to pop in and have a kit registered to you (it only takes a couple of minutes). As stated previously, the kit is available to Parishioners in Wellington Heath for free but any donations would be gratefully received.

 If readers are interested, a map of reported crimes can be found on this link

https://www.police.uk/west-mercia/PAE08/crime/.   Links to police information can also be found on the village website: https://sites.google.com/site/wellingtonheath/useful-links/police

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th March.

Best Regards

Mark Beaumont

For, and on behalf of,

Wellington Heath Parish Council