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Pool Piece Project Update April 2014

posted 8 May 2014, 11:50 by M Bain   [ updated 20 Oct 2015, 10:49 ]
The extremely wet winter has severely restricted the work that could be done on site and has resulted in a change to the overall completion date. We have kept Biffa-Award informed and adjusted our payment schedule accordingly. We have, however, been able to plant a range of native plants and bulbs, including daffodils, snake’s head fritillaries and primroses, as well as a greater range of hedging saplings. These have resulted in a good display for their first year. They should continue to spread and colonise the bank of the stream in future years. We have begun to clear the stream of some of the more thuggish weeds and overgrown vegetation and this has encouraged a smoother flow of water.

In addition we have now installed a bridge to improve access and are in the process of making further improvements to the drainage and levelling of the site.

Equipment has been ordered including a ‘birds nest’ swing and ‘jungle bridge’ over the stream. There will also be a natural wood shelter for the children to use for creative play and discussions are underway re other potential play equipment that might be purchased.

In addition we have consulted some local experts and arranged for additional native flora to be planted. These will be placed around the willow tree and along the stream. This planting is designed to increase colour and visual interest. There will be at least 15 different species and include plants with dense roots for bank stabilisation. This will increase the current diversity of planting and hopefully attract a greater range of insects and birds.

Revised schedule of work

Early April   Construction of secure access bridge.
                    Installation of bridge, laying of access path and appropriate railing.
                    Additional drainage, topsoil, levelling and laying turf

Mid May      Installation of play equipment
                    Planting native plants.

End of May  Building of natural shelter for seating and creative play
                    Installation of additional seating.

June             All work completed and project finished

I would like to thank those members of the working group and other residents who have offered advice, time, support and commitment to the project.
David Darwood April 2014