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Monkey Island Dreams

An Exhibition of Hobbies, Arts & Crafts.

By the Village, and for the Village.

Saturday 5th March 2011

Photos by Richard Lee-Buxton

Monkey Island Dreams

Name Exhibiting
Entrance Hall
Hamish Skinner Green woodwork, chair and hurdle making, carving and cleaving. Demonstration.
Kevin Reid Small wood carvings, boxes, and jigsaws.
Joe Skinner Bread making. Cup cake decorating for the children.
Main Hall
Children's Group Examples of local children's work and Children's Competition
Tony Cooke Train Diorama and collection of British Stamps. Demonstration.
Richard Hurley Astronomy
Phil Martin Wood Carvings, and copies of his published work (cycling & walking)
Graham Jones Photographs and Paintings
Sally Ransome-Williams Ladies blouse made out of dusters by her aunt during World War II.
Wendy Hill A miscellany of knitted garments, and accessories. Demonstration. Also an exhibition of Elgar; Birthplace, music and leaflets.
Bryson Garlick Hand made Furniture
Andrew Squires Woodworking; Barr Elm Mirror, kitchen boards and laminated tray.
Group Display This group of exhibitors included Doreen Bond, Carolyn Evans, Christine Holloway, and Jackie Skowron.
Demonstration table Various exhibitors will make use of this facility
Anne Abbotts Ancestry tracing.
Amanda Wright Quilts & small patchwork items. Demonstration.
Peter Constantine Sculpture in terracotta. Some work in progress; some fired, and some green. Demonstration.
Kate Constantine A timber framed Dolls House with stone extension; all built from "scratch"
Norman Brown Fly Fishing. Demonstration of tying flies for fishing.
Pat Jacobs Engraved glass
Debbie Harrisson Corsetry and sewing
Ann Shorrick Patchwork cards and illustrations of other hobbies.
On the stage
Marilyn   Gilmore Cross stitch pictures
Elaine Bentley Paintings & drawings by Wellington Heath members of the Monday night Group. Demonstration.
Valerie Clark Calligraphy. Demonstration.
Mike Bain Paintings in oils & acrylics & photography.
Mandy Sims Cross stitch pictures
Patsy Taylor A miscellany of needlework, dressmaking and other crafts.
Kim Cooke A miscellany including cross stick & beadwork pictures, soft furnishing, upholstery, pottery, knitting and porcelain headed tassels.
Adrian & Helen Thorndyke Hand built Kit Car
Joe Skinner Fresh veg stall.