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Ian the Postie

posted 10 Sep 2011, 03:52 by Richard Lee-Buxton   [ updated 12 Jan 2012, 15:33 by Wellington Heath Cap ]
Ian McCrae has recently retired as postman. As a local villager, Ian added a special touch to the role of postman and for many years he endeared us with his friendly disposition.

I'm sure we all have our memories, my personal memory is how for many years his morning delivery clashed with my departure to work and he would reverse his van into my drive just as I was trying to rush out. At least I got my post hand delivered with a bit of news.

A suggestion was made to make a presentation to Ian and the response was overwhelming. By pure word of mouth, a substantial sum was collected and Ian received it with a hamper at The Farmers Arms.


Richard Allsopp also composed the following poem which says it all:

What shall we do without Ian our Postie?

What shall we do without Ian our postie?
Out in the cold while we’re all toasty.
I’ve no doubt he drinks the most tea,
Early in the morning.

Looking cool in his Royal Mail livery,
Through the snow getting cold and shivery .
Look! He’s signed for my Special Delivery,
Early in the morning.

Amazon orders for the internetters,
Christmas cards and business letters,
Yorkshire Terriers ‘n’ Irish Setters,
Early in the morning.

Why must folk move their postboxes?
Perhaps their mail’s been eaten by foxes.
One daft bloke has gone and blocked his,
Early in the morning.

Up The Common and round past Doreen,
One box left – must be for Maureen.
Smells quite strange, it could be Chlorine,
Early in the morning.

Coffee mornings and Ian’s been learning,
Step on the gas, keep the van wheels turning,
Get to the hall ‘cos your hot dog’s burning,
Early in the morning.

No more delivering in all weathers,
Put your feet up in The Feathers,
Thanks for all of your endeavours,
Early in the morning.