The 200 Club

The 200 Club is a lottery run to raise funds for the Memorial Hall.

The 200 club is registered as a small society lottery with Herefordshire council. The lottery is subject to the Gambling Act 2005.

The lottery year runs from April to end March the following year when we make an annual return to the Council.

Annual tickets cost £12 also monthly tickets can be bought for £1.  This qualifies a contributor for monthly draws.

Tony Cooke is the lottery organiser. There are a small number  volunteers who collect contributions, deliver the tickets and also deliver winnings.

By law  tickets have to show the following: The promoting society, the price of the ticket, the lottery organisers name and address, the date of each draw or information to allow the contributor to work out the date of each draw.

We give out approximately 55% of our takings in prizes each year. The name 200 club indicates the approximate size of the lottery however we are not limited to 200 contributors.

Children under 16 cannot enter the lottery.

The 200 Club constitution gives more details of how the lottery is run and the legal requirements.

If you would like to join to help the management committee maintain the Memorial Village Hall please call Tony Cooke on 01531-635433