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Wildlife Corner

Robin - Mike Bain

posted 14 Nov 2019, 09:14 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 14 Nov 2019, 09:23 ]

Photos taken on the banks of the river Otter in Devon.

Young Foxes at Play : Allan Wood

posted 8 Nov 2019, 05:22 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 14 Nov 2019, 09:21 ]

Local resident and keen photographer Allan Wood managed to video some young foxes at play early one morning in his back garden in Wellington Heath.

Here is a photo of one of the foxes to wet your appetite.


The video is about 6.5 minutes long but is well worth a watch. Its not everyday that you see three foxes in your backyard.

If you want to view it at full screen size just click on the square symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the video. To get back to normal size press your Esc button.

Young Foxes at Play

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