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Community News Round-Up

Articles on this page are compiled by Peter Constantine.

If you have anything you would like to contribute, including photographs, please email Peter

Community News Round-Up Monday 24 June 2019

posted 23 Jun 2019, 03:50 by M Bain   [ updated 23 Jun 2019, 03:50 ]

You will have seen the signs! Once again we are in the midst of road works. Severn Trent will be working by Swallow Farm  between the 29th and 30th, and Gigaclear are in the same area until the 7th July, and both are closing Raycombe Lane, and the route to Petty France will be closed. Herefordshire Council are likely to be working in the upper reaches of Burtons Lane until the 26th, and remember that Horse Road by Longworth will be closed by Welsh Water between 26th and 28th. There is a link from this web site to; follow “useful links>Travel & Transport”.

With the weather looking as though it is improving, perhaps some home and garden time is better than battling through the local lanes.

At the time of writing there are some white markings around a few of the worst potholes along the Ledbury Road, but it looks as if they will have worn away before the repairers arrive. Take care there are potholes about.

The Old Codger is looking for the village cutlery. When Martin Carter left the Farmers Arms and the pub closed for 2 years, he donated a box of cutlery to the village. Various people have used these utensils for events, with no-one being “The Keeper of the Cutlery”. Unfortunately this collection of iron wear has been lost, misplaced, or forgotten. Will whoever has the cutlery please let the Old Codger know on, or give me a call as there is a parish event in August and the organisers would like to use the cutlery.

We live in a peaceful parish, but crime happens. Intruders broke into an outbuilding at Petty France on the afternoon of Sunday 16th and made off with a Honda motorbike, colour red and white, a Husqvarna chainsaw and an orange and white coloured helmet. Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting incident number 0686s 150619. Despite this news it is good to hear that burglaries in Herefordshire have reduced during the last 6 months by 20% to 106. That is just 4 per week in the whole of the county.

Thanks to the footpath volunteers who, last Friday, tackled Dogberry and Frith Wood strimming and hedge clipping, and who regularly keep our footpaths tidy. Marc Low is the footpath officer. All information is on the WHPC website.

Finally, some reminders; it is the Village Dance this Saturday. It sounds fun and is a bargain price! The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Memorial Village Hall Committee will take place at the Hall on Monday 1 July at 7:30 p.m. regretfully only three nominations for the six elected positions on the committee have been received. All members of the Parish are welcome to attend.

Peter Constantine

Community News Round-Up Monday 17 June 2019

posted 16 Jun 2019, 06:23 by M Bain   [ updated 16 Jun 2019, 06:23 ]

There is a new Christ Church Development Group that is full of interesting ideas for activities and changes to bring the church more actively into the community. This is definitely a “watch this space”

An unexpected benefit from the church becoming the new Ballot Station is that people who never before visited have been inside the building and comments such as “what a lovely place” have been made. Our parish church is a bit of an ugly duckling from the outside, but inside it is a small serene chapel that has a beauty all of its own. It is always open. Pop in. There is a book of the history inside if you are interested, also the minutes of the Christ Church Development Group meetings.

On the Saturdays of the Scarecrow Competition (20th and 27th July) the church will be open for afternoon teas. There is also an Exhibition of Crafts planned. This will be an opportunity to visit as well as partaking refreshment as you scour the village for fictional characters lurking in the undergrowth.

The annual Gone a Fishin’ at the Farmers Arms last Friday was a fishy festival of choice. The next event is the Beer and Beast Festival on the12th July through to 14th July. This is always a friendly, noisy, celebration of food, friendships, beer, and cider. No booking required; just turn up, but remember that the car park will be overflowing.

Peter Constantine

Community News Round-Up Monday 10 June 2019

posted 9 Jun 2019, 11:11 by M Bain   [ updated 9 Jun 2019, 11:12 ]

Wellington Heath Parish Council is on Twitter; I quote, “to facilitate timely announcements and encourage good communication within our whole community”. The Techies are here! Visit WHPC main web page at . The Old Codger is now trying out Twitter despite his reservations!

On the same web page Parishioners will see information about the forthcoming live online event Policing in the countryside – Have your Say! It is on the on 24th June at 7pm on West Mercia Police’s Facebook page. It’s a live stream with the Police and Crime Commissioner (John Campion), and West Mercia Police Chief Constable, (Anthony Bangham). Should you wish to join the event and ask questions online follow this link that you will find on the Parish website. It is all about tackling crime in the rural areas such as ours.  The Police Commissioner is keen to get feedback and to learn more about what the community needs from their police force. 

If you want to watch the event live, it will require you to have a Facebook account, however there will be a recording made which will be uploaded to their Facebook page and YouTube channel in due course.

A villager who lives on The Common lost a ginger cat a week or two ago. Unfortunately he was run over. Animals do not have much road sense when in the countryside. It is also young children who are vulnerable. The village is generally a quiet place but it is worth reminding ourselves to drive slowly around our lanes and to be especially on the lookout for cats, dogs, and children in case they dart out between parked cars along The Common.

Watch out; shortly Welsh Water are returning to disrupt Horse Rd again. They are expected to be operating between 25th and 28th of June outside Longworth. Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it’s off to work they go!

From the Archives; Visitors to the Wellington Heath Fete and Show on 1st July 1950 could be conveyed by taxi at a nominal charge of six old pence per head for a single journey. This concession had been offered to help the rebuilding fund of Wellington Heath Church, for which objective the fete and various attractions had been arranged: 2½ p for a ride to or from Ledbury; those were the days!

Peter Constantine

Community News Round-Up Monday 3 June 2019

posted 2 Jun 2019, 09:05 by M Bain   [ updated 17 Jun 2019, 00:20 ]

You will have noticed that the Memorial Hall Committee is holding a grand Dance on the 29th June; Dance Through The Decades. It sound like fun. Events like this add to the sense of community that we are fortunate to enjoy in Wellington Heath. Volunteers from the Hall Committee have organised many such events over the years, some of whom are standing down after stalwart service; in particular Mike Bain after a long spell as chair is retiring and new blood is required. The AGM is on the 1st July.

As one US President once said; to paraphrase, “It’s not what your village can do for you but what you can do for your village”, and mashing up another famous phrase, “Your village needs you!”

The Friends of Christchurch AGM is on Tuesday 11th June at our Parish Church at 7.30pm. The Friends is a charity that supports the Parochial Church Council, but is independent of it. Supporters are not all churchgoers, but villagers who believe that the church remains an important part of the community. Want to know more? Come along. I’ll be there pencil in hand!

Recently the pub car park has been hosting some of Gigaclear’s kit, but it also has had a make-over. Driving in is no longer crash bang wallop, but rather a more undulating amble over the repairs.

Gigaclear are now operating in Hollow Lane. There should be stop and go boards, but as usual the official timing and reality of the situation is likely to be different from advertised!

Entries for the Scarecrow Competition are trickling in. Do consider an entry. Let’s make it fun and famous!

The D Day commemoration is being justifiably celebrated. Did you know that shortly after D Day, on the 13th June 1944, the first ten flying bombs attacked Britain with four hitting their UK target? The V-1 rockets, or doodlebugs as they were called, buzzed as they powered across the sky. The advice, if you heard one, was to run towards it not away, and therefore be more likely to avoid being at the receiving end. When the noise from this early missile stopped, down came the bomb!

At peak, more than one hundred V-1s a day were fired at south-east England; 9,521 in the total period. Their descendants exist to this day in such nasties as the scud missile.

Memories such as this make us more aware and appreciative of our peaceful part of rural Herefordshire.

Peter Constantine

Community News Round-Up Monday 27 May 2019

posted 26 May 2019, 07:56 by M Bain   [ updated 26 May 2019, 07:56 ]

At the recent Parish Council AGM it was revealed that when two Wellington Heath Councillors visited our MP, Bill Wiggin, to elicit support in the fight to get two accesses to the proposed viaduct site estate, his response was “talk to Liz Harvey, she is your local representative”. In short, although declaring interest he would rather pass the buck! Liz Harvey continues to be supportive and active in efforts to minimise the damage that the multiple planning applications around Ledbury would cause, also attending our Parish Council Meetings, and regularly going to bat on our behalf. She is now a member of Herefordshire County Council’s Cabinet in charge of Finance and Corporate Services.

Congratulations to Liz. We look forward to the “new look” HCC working more effectively for the community.

Mark Beaumont has joined the Parish Council, replacing David Packman who will be shortly emigrating to Malvern. Thanks and good wishes to David. Thanks also to Mark for stepping up, though there is still a place not filled, and it does seem time that someone of the younger in the community should consider serving. Are you going to leave all the work of caring for our community to a few of the more “mature” of the villagers?

Now a bit about Twitter. The Parish Council has decided to bring communication into the fast lane and will be shortly operating a Twitter Account for fast messaging to the community. I might finally need to join the social media generation! Marc Low will be setting up the account: comments and questions to Marc. I asked the Old Codger what he thought; he is back from a short holiday and told me that he hears lots of twitter in the valley every day, so has no need for one of those electrickery pocket things!

Planning applications continue to raise parishioners’ temperatures, and the last Parish Council meeting was no exception with a number of interested applicants, concerned about objections, attending to state their cases. If you are planning a development or extension it is wise and helpful to your case if some simple rules are followed;

1.    Look at the Neighbourhood Plan, and how this impacts on your proposal.
2.    Consider your neighbours.
3.    Talk to your neighbours.
4.    And, finally discuss with the Parish Council BEFORE you proceed, rather than afterwards.

Those who follow this route are likely to succeed; that is assuming that the application is reasoned and reasonable.

Peter Constantine

Community News Round-Up Monday 20 May 2019

posted 19 May 2019, 04:29 by M Bain   [ updated 19 May 2019, 04:30 ]

Gigaclear can’t be missed as they dig up the village. The official schedule indicates that Floyds Lane, Horse Road and Pub Lane should be finished by the end of this week, and Church Lane is scheduled for August. The Common is not mentioned; surely you won’t be left out?

It’s time, again, for the now famous Farmers Arms annual fishing festival on Friday 14th June, or more correctly it is another fish meal special. Gone Fishin’ is a set fish menu which Lawrence, Hannah and Daren will create. Ask at the bar as booking is necessary!

Have you seen the Old Codger? He seems to have gone missing. When he saw the announcement about the forthcoming Village Scarecrow Competition in the Newsletter he got very worried that someone might pop him on a post and name him Worzel Gummidge. Surely not?

Have you entered your scarecrow yet? It should prove to be a fun occasion. The theme is fictional characters which should allow for a wide scope from politicians to cartoon characters. What! Aren’t they similar? Silly me.

Remember that the Polling Station on Thursday 23rd is now at the Church. The EU elections work in a proportional representation system. This time the results will be particularly entertaining.

Peter Constantine

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