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Neighbourhood Watch

Head Co-ordinator: Graham Jones : 632563

Deputy Head Coordinator: Debbie Harrisson : 632670

Deputy Co-ordinators:

Christine Holloway Holly Trees, The Common   Andrew Sims Freemans Cottage, Horse Road
Allan Wood 2 School Cottages, The Common   Carolyn Evans The View, Ochre Hill
Kim Cooke Vermont, Horse Road   Anne Abbotts The Forge, Church Road
Debbie Harrisson Friars Orchard, Ledbury Road   Pat Jacobs The Croft, Ledbury Road

Wellington Heath has no regular police patrols so it is up to us to look out for each other.

If you see anything suspicious please ring 101 for a non-emergency activity – or 999 for emergencies (e.g. if you spot a crime in progress or the crime is of a more serious nature).
You can also phone any of the Co-ordinators listed below in the Neighbourhood Watch contacts section, and the information will be passed around the village.

If you want regular police news you can:
Alternatively have a look at the crime map for the Ledbury Area including Wellington Heath. This gives historic crime data. Ledbury Area Crime Map

Police Information Alerts are also periodically attached to this page: see below.

M Bain,
3 Dec 2015, 08:37
Richard Lee-Buxton,
1 Dec 2015, 15:14
Wellington Heath Cap,
5 Jan 2016, 07:57