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Local Exchange Trading Scheme

Members live mainly in Wellington Heath, with a handful from Ledbury and Coddington.
We have different skills, talents and produce that we offer to fellow members, and we pay each others time in "Wellies".
Materials are paid for in sterling, after discussion between the two traders.

We have regular social meetings to give members the chance to get to know each other.
Popular services are dog/cat feeding and plant watering during holidays.

We also have members who will knit for you or let you have a game of tennis on their tennis court.
It is up to each member how active they want to be.
The more you advertise yourself, or the more requests you make, the busier you will be.
There is no pressure on anyone.

For more information contact Ursula Tel: 078840 51552 or  or one of the following committee members

Wendy Hurley   -
Jennifer Jones (also provides application forms)   -
Ann Shorrick    -
Jenny Mackie  -