Walks normally start from the Village Hall on Thursdays at 9.30 am

Walk destinations and start times can change according to weather conditions etc. hence the walk leader usually emails walking group members with final details shortly before each walk.

Please inform the day leader in advance whether or not you will be walking

For general information and to ensure you are on the email list contact Maggie & Clive Johnson on 640617

Types of walk:
Pub lunch (P),  Day walk (D),  Short walk (S)
Village walk (V) with the option of coffee at the Village Memorial Hall

There is also an annual walking holiday of 4 - 5 days.

                 Walks Schedule to July 2017
Jan      28th    (V)

Feb     2nd      (D)                       Clee Hill                                       Allan
            9th      (P)                       Hanley Castle                              Jonathan        
           16th     (S)                       Cradley                                       Janet and Phil
           23rd    (V)

Mar     2nd     (D)                        Forest of Dean                              Allan
           9th     (P)                        Trellech                                        Phil
          16th    (S)                        Dymock                                       Brian
          23rd    (V)

Apr    6th        (D)                      Colwall to WH                                Frank
         13th      (P)                       Kilpeck                                         Maggie and Clive
         20th      (S)                       Madresfield                                   Jonathan
         27th      (V)                         

May     4th      (D)                      Bigsweir Wood                               Janet and Phil
          11th      (P)                       Knightwick                                   Frank
         18th      (S)                       TBA                                              Veronica
         25th      (V)

Jun     1st       (D)                       Skirrid                                            Phil          
          8th       (P)                       Malvern (Holy Well)                         Brian
        15th       (S)                       Fownhope                                       Val
        22nd      (D)                       Abberley and Witley Ct                     Maggie and  Clive
        29th       (V)

Jul      6th       (D)                        Bredon Hill                                     Phil
        13th       (P)                        Bringsty Common                           Allan
        20th       (S)                        Around Ledbury                              Maggie and Clive     
        27th       (V)