Painting Group - Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs, is a small group of dedicated Artistic people, who meet each
Thursday morning
in the Village Hall, from to (the exception is that we do not meet on the 5th Thursday, if there are 5 Thursdays in a month).

Although the group originally specialised in botanical painting, hence the name of the group, members now draw or paint what they like.

We are a simple group, we just meet to paint in a friendly and satisfying atmosphere.

We have no tutoring, nor do we have demonstrations, we just enjoy painting together. However advice can be sought from other members if required.

Current membership costs £10.00 per annum, and £2.00 for each painting session that you attend.

There are some places available for new members so If anyone is interested please
contact: Mrs Pat Jacobs Tel 01531-634941 

Les Fleurs: Examples of work