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Wellington Heath Annual Parish Meeting Report

posted 25 Apr 2019, 04:10 by M Bain   [ updated 25 Apr 2019, 04:14 ]
Meeting held Tuesday 23rd April 2019 

Crime Prevention and is it Lethargy or Satisfaction? 

The meeting commenced with a talk by Paul Crumpton from West Mercia Police on crime and what we can do to avoid being a target. The fact that he overran his allotted time whilst in full flow is a compliment to his presentation, but also an indication of the amount of information he was able to pass to his audience. How many burglaries do you think there are in Herefordshire per day. Lots? Well, not so. The answer is one per day within the county. It was not house break-ins, sheep rustling, or petrol stealing that is the main risk; but data theft and fraud. Residents in rural Herefordshire are just as much at risk as any in a big city centre. The detail given and the risks we run daily were outlined in a torrent of information and advice. Did you know that it could be possible to be hacked by an internet connected toaster? Yes; through a toaster to your smart phone to your laptop to your data. Clever! Dangerous!

If you thought you knew how to protect yourself from malware and data theft, Paul would have disillusioned you.

You missed it? It would have been worth your while coming along, however, Paul’s notes will be online on the Wellington Heath Parish Council (WHPC) website in the near future (http://wellingtonheathpc.org/). They are very worth checking out. If Paul makes another Parish visit do go along. You will probably also get a free credit card shield for your wallet and a security pouch for your keyless car key to avoid being scanned by criminals. Did you know that the car key can be scanned from up to 30 metres away!

That’s the crime prevention bit of the title. The lethargy or satisfaction is regarding our local Parish Council. The Council now numbers four, with David Packman leaving the area.  The number should be six. We are not voting for local Parish Councillors this year because no-one is putting their hand up to join this group of local volunteers. Are you so satisfied with all they do, are you just willing for others to always do the work, or do you just not care?

The annual Parish report was presented by Jennifer Jones (Council Chair) supported by David Williams (Planning Matters), and Mary Barnet (Clerk and Treasurer).

There has been no increase in the Parish Tax (the precept) and last year provided a small surplus to add to the Parish reserves. This satisfactory situation is partly due to the volunteers who look after our footpaths and cut areas of grassland.

Balfour Beatty are repairing the local lanes, but much more needs to be done and our Ward Councillor, Liz Harvey, in on the case.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan was adopted at the end of last year after hard work over the previous four years. The cost to the community was a measly £270 due to the grants which were awarded, and the volunteers who gave time and materials freely. All parishioners who supported this effort were given a vote of thanks.

Of the 22 planning applications during the last 12 months, a majority were alterations or extensions to existing property. The WHPC wishes to encourage us all to respond to applications with either support or objection. Make your voice heard. It is easy enough to do on line, and old fashioned post still works. The message here is be active, be observant, and make your opinion known. Numbers do count. If you need to view current planning applications in the Parish, then please visit the Parish Council Website:  http://wellingtonheathpc.org/planning/

Here you will see a list of current applications and also a link to the responses made by the Parish Council to recent applications. There is also a link to Herefordshire Council’s search page where you can search for applications by specific postcode if you know it…. or by the term “wellington heath” (which will bring up all planning applications for the area).

The Old School House is under discussion as to whether it should be considered as a Heritage Asset. It is understood that if listed as such it would give the building a special significance if any planning application was submitted. If you want to know more have a look on the Historic England website.

During the general discussion at the end of the meeting the use of social media was considered for better communication, and a suggestion the “road widening scheme” undertaken in Hollow Lane during its use as a by-pass should be examined during its restoration, and some of the recently created passing places could be formally adopted for use on this narrow lane. A Parish Poll to express an opinion on the Viaduct Site access is anticipated alongside the proposed Ledbury Poll. The WHPC wait for the Ledbury Town Council to confirm details.

Thanks to all the volunteers who help keep our friendly community functioning, but we do need two more Parish Councillors. We need more fresh blood on our Parish Council. What can you do to support our community? Could this be you?

Peter Constantine mailto:mail@peterconstantine.plus.com