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New Rector Welcomed to Wellington Heath

posted 20 Nov 2019, 07:40 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 20 Nov 2019, 07:40 ]

The Rev. Val Tait presided over her first service in her new locality; here at Christ Church Wellington Heath on Sunday morning 17th November. At the end of the service Brian Speakman, current Chairman of Christ Church PCC, gave a short presentation of welcome to Rev. Val Tait as he assured Val that we would all care and share together.

Our new rector asked Brian when and how their paths had crossed in previous years. It appeared that around 20 years ago both attended a course entitled “Framework for Faith”. Two attendees were ordained priests, and later three of the company were also ordained as priests, including a brand new Rev. Val Tait. Brian reminded her that he had been one of the noisier participants of that course, whilst she replied that she had been one of the quiet ones. At that time, as a paediatric nurse living in Ledbury, she occasionally came to Wellington Heath both as a nurse and also to worship. Life has by happy chance brought her back in a full circle to our Parish.

The congregation stayed on for coffee, biscuits and a chat, but being a rector of the Cider Group of Churches meant that the Rev. Val needed to rush off to take another service, however not before she was presented with flowers, a welcome/information sheet, and a Wellington Heath Calendar Dogs, 2020; obviously to enable her to recognise the canine members of her ministry.

Welcome to our new rector, whom we look forward to involving in all aspects of our community life.

Peter Constantine