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Community News Round-Up

posted 5 Dec 2018, 02:56 by M Bain   [ updated 6 Dec 2018, 02:14 ]

A Wellington Heath Community News column has been published in the Ledbury Reporter as long as most of us can remember. Once the Village Voice section of the paper, now a much reduced Community News section, the writer’s styles may have varied, but the column was, almost always, published!

Times change and the current editorial policy is to condense the community news page and squeeze it into the reduced size letters page. Contributors are requested to write no more than 100 words, with no certainty of publication, and the current “holder of the pen” has been binned each week for the past month.

Encouraged by comments from some of you and having discussed “what to do” with the Marc Low, Newsletter Editor, and Mike Bain, co-controller of this website; Peter Constantine will continue to try and inform with an on-line column on this website. The Old Codger says he will join in from time to time and try and entertain.

To find the weekly news round-up go to the Community drop down menu and then click on the second item "Community News Round-Up" or alternatively just click here: Community News Round-Up