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Bloor Homes Viaduct Development

posted 3 Jul 2018, 14:34 by M Bain   [ updated 7 Aug 2018, 04:17 ]

Dear fellow Parishioners,

The link below contains the amended plans and documents relating to Bloor Homes outline application for 625 houses on the viaduct site.


It appears that Bloor Homes have informed Herefordshire Council that they are still NOT prepared to create a second access point under the viaduct by joining the ring road, (and Hereford Road), at the already existing roundabout………… but prefer to continue with the development by sticking to their original plan of having just one access via a new roundabout on the Bromyard Road instead.

The Parish Council will be reviewing this latest development and I’m sure will make their opinions known in due course.

In the meantime, please take time to read the documents and statements on the link above…..including the ”Highways Access Letter from Bloor Homes rec 26.6.18” document that covers Bloor’s arguments for putting all traffic onto the Bromyard Road, (North of the development).

The “R Amended Design and Access Statement 26.6.18” document illustrates the new 4-spur roundabout on the Bromyard Road and shows it clearly marked as the only entrance and exit to the new site.

Commenting on this planning application through the Herefordshire Council website is now closed. However representations may still be submitted directly to the case officer who is:

Roland Close (Case Officer for  

P171532/O )

Email: rclose@herefordshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01432 261803

 The Parish Council would also be interested in your views & comments and these can be forwarded to any of the Parish Councillors, or emailed to me in the strictest of confidence at whparishnews@gmail.com where I can pass these on to the Parish Council on your behalf.

 May I suggest you also copy (cc) your views to our Ledbury North Ward Councillor Liz Harvey at epjharvey@herefordshire.gov.uk , as I’m sure she will be interested in our thoughts about this latest development.

Kind Regards

Marc Low

(Wellington Heath Newsletter Editor, Parish Councillor)

Please find attached:
  • The amended plan for the development including access plans.
  • A briefing sheet prepared by the Parish Council Submission concerning previous submissions.
  • Parish Council response to original planning application June 2017

M Bain,
7 Aug 2018, 03:56
M Bain,
7 Aug 2018, 04:19