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A Knight to Remember; Yes it was, it definitely was!

posted 24 Nov 2019, 10:02 by M Bain   [ updated 27 Nov 2019, 07:41 by Wellington Heath Cap ]
           The WHADS production of this year’s Wellington Heath Village Panto played to a full house on all three nights.

Was it the enthusiastic acting or was it the clever script? Was it the fabulous scenery, the professional props, the marvellous costumes, the music, singing and dancing with an occasional exciting acrobatic flourish, the sword fight, or was it the lighting and sound effects?

It was a combination of a multifariously talented bunch that produced a very professional job. It was a great success. Well done.

The cast of eighteen filled twenty six parts; oh, and Dewi the Dragon had a non speaking role, as did the impressive stone that held fast a fabulous Excalibur, a sword that was stuck fast as many a visiting urchin tried to be crowned king before it found its way onto the stage to be claimed by a young Arthur.

The highlights featured, well, everyone. The local kids made it. Without them there would be no panto. The principal players performed with aplomb and joie d’vivre. The villain was booed, and the dame cheered, particularly when “she” created a totally new script. The knights rode their horses through the audience to the sound of coco-nutted hoofs. Did no-one tell them that the hall has a new floor and this is not allowed? Where was the Memorial Hall chairman when he was required? He was part of the impressively uniformed “Team M&M” stage management crew who moved the complex scenery around in silent efficiency.

Of course we enjoyed booing the well-played Sir Villain-of-the-Piece.

Naturally an exuberant and traditional Panto Dame got a great audience response. That’s panto!

So folks there will be no names for special praise, but starting with the youngest; well done to the jester, jesting, even when still spluttering he was carried off-stage, to the squires, guards and servants who kept turning up as different people and remembered their lines, to the singers and dancers that added that extra bit of expertise and variety, to knights a-riding and doing what knights do, to the wizard and the magical lady, and of course to King Arthur and Guinevere who held all the strands together in a truly professional manner. How can one or more be picked out for special praise. You all played your hearts out, and if there was the occasional prompt or adlib; well that’s what we expect, particularly when it goes “off piste” and the unexpected becomes the expected.

The audiences participated with gusto, even being induced to sing-a-long which went well! Oh yes it did!

It would have been helpful if it had been possible to mic-up young voices that sometimes did not reach parts that the more mature ones do. Occasionally some of the jokes got lost in mid-air, and there were so many jokes to follow. The Old Codger, who went three times, is still unsure he has remembered them all.

And what a professionally produced souvenir programme, it was as good as you will get in the outer world beyond the Republic of Monkey Island. If you have not got your own copy; one is worth tracking down. Apply to a member of WHADS. It will only cost one groat; that’s 50p to you.

Thanks to those who didn’t feature in the programme, but acted as bar staff, stewards, reception, washers-up, sweepers-up, donated to, and helped the creation of the scenery and costumes and makeup, and aided in many different ways.

Lastly a message to the seventeen aristocratic invitees to the event who sent apologies (see the relevant page in the programme). Be aware, be very aware that your absence was noted and no doubt retribution will befall you. Oh yes it will.

Peter Constantine

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