Community New Round-Up Monday 13 July 2020

posted 5 Jul 2020, 05:17 by M Bain   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:36 ]


Railway Bridge Congestion Reappears. And a Message from the Biking Bishop;

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If you wish to make a contribution please contact Peter Constantine: mail@peterconstantine.plus.com

Pool Piece Reopening on 4 July 2020

posted 1 Jul 2020, 07:49 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 07:49 ]

In line with recently announced Government Guidance for England (which can be found here), Wellington Heath Parish Council have taken the decision that Pool Piece can once again be used by the community, from Saturday July 4th, 2020.

It should however be noted that none of the seating or play equipment will be subject to any sanitisation regime. Under these circumstances parents / guardians must take their own decision as to whether to allow their children to use the seating or play equipment or not. Notices to such effect will be displayed.

All currently applicable social distancing and gathering guidance issued by the Government must continue to be observed.

Memorial Hall Annual General Meeting (AGM) and 2020/2021 Committee.

posted 11 May 2020, 04:09 by M Bain   [ updated 30 Jun 2020, 12:46 ]

The Memorial Hall AGM and Committee Elections take place at the start of July each year.

Because of the Coronavirus Restrictions it has not been possible to hold a normal AGM this year.

Instead the annual report has been prepared and approved via email as have the committee elections.

Parishioners can read the annual report here: Memorial Hall Annual Report and Accounts 2020

If you have any comments or questions about the annual report and accounts please email them to either Lucy Hill or Mike Bain.

The Memorial Hall is a registered charity and members of the committee are trustees of the charity. There are six elected trustee members, as well as co-opted members and representatives from groups that use the Hall on a regular basis.

There were only four nominations for the six elected positions on the Hall Committee so an election was not required.

Consequently the Hall Committee for 2020 to 2021 will comprise:

Elected Members:

  • Mike. Bain
  • Tony Cooke
  • Lucy Hill
  • Pat Beaumont
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy

Representative members:

  • Sue Barnes - WHADS
  • Alison Skinner - WHADS
  • Mark Beaumont - Parish Council
  • Peter Cowley - Garden Club
  • Marylin Gilmore - Church
  • Brian Snell - Bridge Club

Co-opted Members:

  • Natalie Crickett
  • Anthea Cowley
  • Debbie Harrisson
  • Vacancy

The Committee Officers will be:
  • Chair - Mike Bain
  • Vice Chair - Tony Cooke
  • Secretary - Debbie Harrisson
  • Treasurer - Lucy Hill
  • Booking Secretary - Sue Barnes
  • Maintenance and Procurement Coordinator - Pat Beaumont
  • Events and Advertising Coordinator - Alison Skinner
  • 200 Club Organiser - Tony Cooke

Gigaclear Optical Fibre to the House

posted 3 May 2020, 09:18 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 8 May 2020, 04:50 by Richard Lee-Buxton ]

The Old Codger and his close friend Peter Constantine have had a number of queries recently about the new Gigaclear optical fibre network as well as its relationship to the exiting telephone network.

For example will it replace our landline telephone?

As they are not very techie they consulted a couple of our more technically switched on parishioners for advice: Andy Sims and Richard Lee-Buxton. The results are attached below:
  1. The Old Codger’s Executive Summary.
  2. The Technical Version in Full.
  3. Initial Experiences with a Gigaclear Installation.
  4. Fibre Connection Website page
Gigaclear information about home broadband options and other technical information is available from their website

Messages from the Vicarage

posted 3 May 2020, 04:09 by M Bain   [ updated 3 May 2020, 04:26 by Wellington Heath Cap ]

The Reverent Val Tait is circulating a weekly letter to all the  communities of the Cider Churches parishes during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can view the letters by using the Christ Church page on the website: Christ Church

(This will give you access to this weeks letter as well as all previous letters)

She would also like to draw your attention to the FREE Church of England phone line for anyone who would like to hear/sing along with a hymn, listen to a reflection on it and join in with prayers. The hymn and associated reflection and prayers are changed daily.

Parish Newsletter for May to July 2020

posted 30 Apr 2020, 03:41 by M Bain   [ updated 30 Apr 2020, 03:48 ]

The Wellington Heath Parish Newsletter is published quarterly.

The Editor, Keith Hough (tel 632607), is always on the lookout for interesting articles and parish news.

If anyone has any news or an amusing story/anecdote/article/photo please contact Keith on Parish Newsletter.

The Newsletter also welcomes local business advertisers. The rates are very reasonable and discounts are available for annual contracts. If you are interested in advertising please contact Jennifer Jones on 632745.

The May 2020 to July 2020 Edition is now available: Parish Newsletter & Directory of Contacts

Farmers Need Help

posted 15 Apr 2020, 09:04 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 15 Apr 2020, 09:05 ]

Farming organisations and charities within Herefordshire are compiling a list of potential volunteers able to

provide practical support for fellow farmers who are unable to look after their livestock because they, or their

staff, are self-isolating.

If you are interested please use the application form attached below.

(Please note volunteers need to be aged between 18 and 65)

Viaduct Site: A message from Ledbury Town Council

posted 31 Mar 2020, 11:43 by M Bain   [ updated 30 Apr 2020, 03:50 ]




A conference call was held on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 to discuss how and when the Inquiry into the development of housing and commercial units could be progressed taking into account the restrictions government have put in place in respect of gatherings.

The Planning Inspector had requested the conference call to ascertain whether all parties would be prepared for the Inquiry to be undertaken via the use of video and telephone conferencing to avoid unnecessary delays.

Ledbury Town Council put an argument forward against using technology for the Inquiry on the grounds that this had the potential to excluded third parties from fully participating in the process. However, it was agreed by all parties that some of the topics could be dealt with via written evidence such as housing land supply and S106 projects.  A decision on whether the inquiry will be heard via on-line platforms is yet to be decided by the Planning Inspectorate.

However, the original date for this inquiry has now been postponed with a new timeline for submissions from the Council being provided as follows:

Statement of Case                      - 17 April 2020
Statement of Common Ground   - 24 April 2020
Statement of Evidence                - 22 May 2020

Ledbury Town Council will be presenting a number of witnesses during the Inquiry process.

End of Press Release            

Angela Price                                           31 March 2020
Town Clerk

New Wellington Heath Facebook Group Created - Wellington Heath Notice Board.

posted 29 Mar 2020, 11:17 by M Bain   [ updated 29 Mar 2020, 11:18 ]

The group has been set up by Mandy Latham who has posted this message about the group.

Hi all.
Welcome to this new Facebook group that has been set up to help Wellington Heath villagers to keep in touch online, especially during the difficult times ahead.

It can be used for socialising and fun, offering help and support or for posting general information and services.

It will hopefully be beneficial to our neighbours who live on their own and to help them feel less isolated.

SmartWater Distribution

posted 26 Mar 2020, 14:27 by M Bain   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 14:34 ]

Please contact Parish Councillor Mark Beaumont to register for your SmartWater kit. The registration from is attached below.

The Parish Council aim is to get a minimum of 70% of the households in the Parish to register for SmartWater kits. Reaching the 70% target will allow the Council to install SmartWater signs on each road into the village, which, coupled with SmartWater signs in the windows of registered households, should help deter future burglaries.

Mark has sent the following message:

As I have been receiving the completed forms back I have been registering and distributing the kits during my daily village walk / exercise period.

To minimise any Coronavirus risk I am wiping the outside of the kits with rubbing alcohol before simply posting the kits through letter boxes or leaving them in a pre-agreed place (on front step, in a garage etc).

We are however still quite a way off the target of 70% that we need to reach to qualify for the village signage, so I would like to just mention a couple of points to hopefully increase the uptake.

If you have a dog and feel that is adequate protection against possible thieves, please remember that is only whilst the dog is in the house. If you are out, or on holiday (remember those? but hopefully they will come again), then there is no protection.

If you have received your kit, please do put your window stickers up. As I have been walking around the village I have seen several properties that have been issued with kits but the houses have no obvious stickers.

During the current Coronavirus crisis thousands more people are facing economic hardship and uncertainty. Although there is no evidence as yet to show that incidents of theft are on the increase due to this, it would not be unexpected once the current severe restrictions are eased. Having SmartWater signs on each road into the village, stickers in the windows of our houses and our property marked will act as a very effective deterrent to thieves.

To get a kit is a simple process of completing the attached form and returning it to me, either by email or posting it through my door (Lawnswood - opposite the Memorial Hall). I will then register a kit to you and deliver the kit through your letterbox or to another secure pre-arranged place.

The kits are free to householders in the parish, but cost the Parish Council in the region of £7. Obviously there is no obligation, but if you would like to make a donation it would be very welcome.

Mark Beaumont
Email: mjbeaumont1@gmail.com
Mobile: +44 (0)7546 251034

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