Christmas Rubbish and Recycling Collection

posted 1 Nov 2018, 12:06 by M Bain   [ updated 1 Nov 2018, 12:08 ]

For further information please see the attached Herefordshire Council information sheet

Parish Newsletter for November 2018

posted 29 Oct 2018, 12:20 by M Bain   [ updated 29 Oct 2018, 12:20 ]

The Wellington Heath Parish Newsletter is published quarterly.

The Editor, Marc Low (tel: 635345), is always on the lookout for interesting articles and parish news.

If anyone has any news or an amusing story/anecdote/article/photo please contact Marc on Parish Newsletter.

The Newsletter also welcomes local business advertisers. The rates are very reasonable and discounts are available for annual contracts. If you are interested in advertising please contact Jennifer Jones on 632745.

The November 2018 to January 2019 Edition is now available: Parish Newsletter

Temporary Bus Timetables Due to Bridge Closure on the B4214

posted 23 Oct 2018, 04:28 by M Bain   [ updated 23 Oct 2018, 04:31 ]

A Message from Nick Parker, Network Planner, First Midland Buses

Unfortunately, the B4214 will not be served by First Midland buses from its junction with B4220, through Staplow to its junction with Beggars Ash and will instead will follow a lengthy diversion via Canon Frome and Ashperton.

Attached is a full set of timetables for the affected services (405, 417, 473, 474 and 482) which will take affect from the bridge closure date on 28th November until the likely completion date at the end of February next year.

The nearest alternative bus stops for these services will be either Bosbury Turn or Ledbury, Rail Station.

B4214 closure now delayed until 28 November

posted 11 Oct 2018, 10:08 by M Bain   [ updated 11 Oct 2018, 10:10 ]

Following discussions with ward councillors, and local parishes, and after reviewing the available safety information, the decision has been taken by Herefordshire Council to delay the start of the safety related works to Storesbrook Bridge.  This will allow local farming businesses additional time to complete their harvest.

The road closure will now be in force from the 28th November 2018.

The condition of the bridge will be closely monitored up until the closure date and if necessary additional safety measures will be installed to keep highway users safe, this may include the earlier closure of the bridge if required.  The contractors have been asked  to provide additional resources so that the original 16 week programme is now shorter.

It is anticipated that the work will be complete by the end of February 2019.

See roadworks website for latest information:https://roadworks.org/

Bloor Homes Viaduct Development

posted 3 Jul 2018, 14:34 by M Bain   [ updated 7 Aug 2018, 04:17 ]

Dear fellow Parishioners,

The link below contains the amended plans and documents relating to Bloor Homes outline application for 625 houses on the viaduct site.


It appears that Bloor Homes have informed Herefordshire Council that they are still NOT prepared to create a second access point under the viaduct by joining the ring road, (and Hereford Road), at the already existing roundabout………… but prefer to continue with the development by sticking to their original plan of having just one access via a new roundabout on the Bromyard Road instead.

The Parish Council will be reviewing this latest development and I’m sure will make their opinions known in due course.

In the meantime, please take time to read the documents and statements on the link above…..including the ”Highways Access Letter from Bloor Homes rec 26.6.18” document that covers Bloor’s arguments for putting all traffic onto the Bromyard Road, (North of the development).

The “R Amended Design and Access Statement 26.6.18” document illustrates the new 4-spur roundabout on the Bromyard Road and shows it clearly marked as the only entrance and exit to the new site.

Commenting on this planning application through the Herefordshire Council website is now closed. However representations may still be submitted directly to the case officer who is:

Roland Close (Case Officer for  

P171532/O )

Email: rclose@herefordshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01432 261803

 The Parish Council would also be interested in your views & comments and these can be forwarded to any of the Parish Councillors, or emailed to me in the strictest of confidence at whparishnews@gmail.com where I can pass these on to the Parish Council on your behalf.

 May I suggest you also copy (cc) your views to our Ledbury North Ward Councillor Liz Harvey at epjharvey@herefordshire.gov.uk , as I’m sure she will be interested in our thoughts about this latest development.

Kind Regards

Marc Low

(Wellington Heath Newsletter Editor, Parish Councillor)

Please find attached:
  • The amended plan for the development including access plans.
  • A briefing sheet prepared by the Parish Council Submission concerning previous submissions.
  • Parish Council response to original planning application June 2017

Broadband Improvements

posted 7 Aug 2017, 10:32 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 7 Aug 2017, 10:33 ]

Herefordshire Council have contracted Gigaclear to deliver the next phase of broadband upgrades in Herefordshire.

You can check when improvements might be available for your property by clicking of the following link to Fastershire: http://www.fastershire.com/

Are Those Claims By Politicians Correct?

posted 8 May 2017, 06:36 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 8 May 2017, 06:41 ]

We hear a lot about fake news these days and post truth politics.
But are those claims by politicians and newspapers correct?

If you want unbiased information have a look at this website: https://fullfact.org/

New national number to call if there is a power outage

posted 11 Aug 2016, 04:10 by M Bain   [ updated 11 Aug 2016, 04:11 ]

Information provided by Western Power Distribution;

On 6th September a new national phone number “105” will be launched by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.

 Key points to note about this service are:
  • Dialling 105 will put customers through to their local electricity network operator – the company that manages the cables, power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in their area.
  • 105 is just one of the ways that customers can contact their electricity network operator. Customers can also contact them by phone or via their website, and most network operators are on social media too.
  • 105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Customers can call 105 no matter who they choose to buy electricity from.
  • Customers can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put anyone in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, they should call the emergency services too.
Attached is a pdf  with more details about this valuable new service.

Finding Out About Roadworks, Reporting Potholes etc

posted 30 Oct 2015, 11:56 by M Bain   [ updated 24 May 2016, 03:24 ]

If you want to find out about roadworks in Herefordshire, report  potholes or make a claim
for damage caused by road defects then you can do it via this website by clicking on Useful links, then Herefordshire council. 


Alternatively you can also click here: Herefordshire Council

Malvern Cops Come Up With Life Saving Idea

posted 20 Oct 2014, 14:02 by Wellington Heath Cap   [ updated 20 Oct 2014, 14:02 ]

Police helmet
Police have dreamed up a new use for the licence disc holders that every car carries on its windscreen - one which could save lives.

The switch from paper tax discs for cars to the new electronic version has meant that the familiar transparent plastic envelopes have become obsolete.

But PC Dave Wise and colleagues at Malvern's police station have thought up a new use for them. They have come up with an emergency contact information and medical alert card.

PC Wise said: "This is a really useful replacement for your tax disc. if a driver is involved in a collision or has a medical emergency whilst at the wheel, a first responder will have easy access to vital medical information and we can quickly contact next of kin.

"The way the disc folds in on itself means all the information is kept private until needed by emergency services personnel.

Download the template here: Emergency Contact Template

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