Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia 2016

Show your love for Ciclovia this Valentines Day, Sunday 14 February!

Ciclovia is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It's a simple concept - close a road to cars and open it to people to experience their city in a whole new way.  From its roots in Colombia, to downtown Los Angeles, to Melbourne, Ciclovia is now a regular summer event in Wellington, enjoyed by many! 

This year we will once again have the Miramar Peninsula closed to cars and motorbikes between the north end of Shelly Bay and Scorching Bay, so you can walk, cycle, skate, or scooter this wonderful piece of Wellington coast, as a family, with friends, or just by yourself. 
Both Shelly and Scorching Bay will be open for business as usual and have wonderful cafes and art galleries to explore.

Ciclovia will be held this summer on Valentines Day, 14 February, between 9am and 9pm.  Families with children, older people, and people with disabilities are advised to use the safer Scorching Bay access as the road to Shelly Bay itself is open to motorists (30 Km/hour speed restriction applies).

Cafes, galleries and other business at Shelly Bay and Scorching Bay are open for business as usual.  Please avoid using their customer parking.

Share with care

Cyclists - please keep your speeds down and watch out for other people, specially kids.  Best to stay left.  Dogs welcome, but on a leash.

Latest News

Free shuttle bus + trailer available to get people to Shelly Bay

The road to Shelly Bay is open to all traffic and although it will have a speed restriction of 30km/hour, it is not recommended for cyclists or walkers who are not confident or who have children.  Instead we recommend you use our free shuttle bus + trailer, which can take your bikes as well.

The shuttle bus will run from 1 Shelly Bay Road, close to the Miramar Cutting; see image below.  Volunteers will be at hand to help you load bikes on to the trailer.

First shuttle starts at 9am, last one back will be at 9pm. You can come by bus (number 2 to Miramar, get off at the first stop after they turn into the cutting, and walk back) or park in Evans Bay or Kilbirnie and walk/cycle down to the cutting.

Stuff for kids

There will be treasure hunt sheets if you need something to distract the kids on the way around, and a rest area at the point half way around with stuff for kids. Our wonderful volunteer Paula will be helping kids (and adults) explore the rock pools at the point late afternoon (low tide is about 5pm).

Weather forecast

Ciclovia by drone

The fun video put together by SkyZone of the first Ciclovia event in 2014.

Can you help us?

Volunteer-run events like Ciclovia very much depend on funding, which unfortunately is harder to come by these days.  We would love any little financial help that you can give to help make this event a success on the day and to keep it running.

Event Contact

Ron Beernink - Event Organiser
027 9367557, or use the Contact Us page