Wellington Web Links

Some Wellington specific web links are collected together here. The first bunch of links is to some craft beer musings by Wellington people, the second bunch of links is to "other stuff". Click away wildly and make up your own personal Wellington Craft Beer News!

Beer DiaryPhil Cook worked as a barman at the Malthouse for a number of years, and now works at the hallowed Garage Project brewery. His blog has extensive tasting notes and general beer information going back to January 2004. How this all started, and the beer that sent Phil on this path is revealed here. And here is his twitter account

A Girl And Her PintDenise Garland is a name that may sound familiar as she is part of the dedicated team at Radio New Zealand. Previously Denise has written for the university Salient magazine, and her current blog is a reincarnation of a previous one.  

The BottleneckDylan Jauslin was a long time bartender maestro at Hashigozake and is now manager at the bar Golding’s Free Dive

FishHead Beer Column. Haydn Green writes extended articles on beer for the Wellington magazine FishHead. And he twitters as well
Beer and Brewer. Neil Miller is an editor at large for Beer and Brewer magazine, writes a blog for the Malthouse. He'll also give you a surprise by turning up as a political commentator on Radio New Zealand. How all this came to be is entertainingly explained here.

Beer From The Motherland. Kieran Haslett-Moore is the beer specialist at Regional Wines and Spirits, home brewer, beer judge, and columnist for the Capital Times. His blog has lots of interesting links, and catalogues his Capital Times column. 

The Beer Project . Jed Soane can be seen at many Wellington craft beer events with camera in hand (and a fine beer in the other). At his web site he has some stylish photography documenting NZ breweries and brewers, and the general NZ craft beer scene (e.g. Beervana 2011). 

Thirstyboys Mr Horse This entertaining blog documents the semi-formal beer tastings of nine beer drinkers in Wellington. The group was founded by Mr Horse who loves his beer, wine and cricket. Includes reviews of bars, tastings (e.g. The Great Pacific Beer Expo), and an explanation of the Man Points beer rating system. 

Dave the Beer GuyDave Wood is an uber beer enthusiast, home brewer, friendly barman at Hashigozake, and writes a column for the Victoria University Salient magazine under the mildly secret disguise Dave the Beer Guy. Some articles for Salient are also written by Brendon MacKenzie and Dylan Jauslan (a former bar-guy at Hashigozake).

Regional Beer Page. The Regional Wines and Spirits beer web page. Find out about tastings, scroll to the bottom to see what beers are on the fill your own, and read the latest news from their beer blog.  

Hashigozake. Local top end, but laid back craft beer bar. Find out what is on tap, the latest weekly news, and peruse their beer store.

The Malthouse. Another top end bar right in Courtney Place. Check out their weekly or so blog, and latest beer news on twitter.

The Brew House. No, this isn't a bar, but in fact a home brew store located in Newtown! They'll also sort you out for home production of cheese, spirits, and wine. Recently they've started importing liquid yeast (via Wyeast)

Great ExpectationsIf you live in the Hutt valley this home brew store will be closer. They also supply the necessities for spirit making. 

Craft Beer CollegeCraft Beer College runs all sorts of beer tastings for all sorts of people.

Wellington Homebrew Tasting. "This is the group of home brewers coming together and give feed back to each other's home brews. Good times!". Seem to met on about the 1st Sunday of every month at a local craft beer bar.