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This web site is for promoting craft beer in Wellington, and general all round merriment. 

The site has two web addresses, these sitting on top of the underlying google site (go here for the search button to work)

The main web address is the elegant and descriptive

and the second is its pithy evil twin

Both of them work, but I couldn't decide which to use, so I kept both. Sue me for been indecisive! Anyway, you don't have to remember the web addresses. Simply googling the four keywords: "Wellington craft beer news" will bring up the site. 

Some hot news or tasting that I've missed?!  For the good of the thirsty Wellington craft beer community send it on to me. I'll cite your name for being such a thoughtful person.

Has using this site made you a better person, and you would like to show your appreciation? Buy me a beer in town! Hopefully that'll make me a better person as well. 

cheers and good beers

Andy McKenzie