Wellington Bars


For a map showing the bars and breweries in the wider Wellington region click here

And zooming in on the central city, this nice beer map from Craft Beer Capital will stop you getting lost. And at the same site a description of the main Wellington craft beer bars, for which the profiles will take you to maps and their twitter accounts. 

A nice introduction to the bar and breweries is provided by Wellington tourism


Now that you've got yourself orientated just where should you go? Greg McGill knows his way around the Wellington bars, and here's what he says. Craft beer bar tender Dylan Jauslin knows his beer and bars so have a read of what he says. Paul from Melbourne did a grand tour of the bars during Beervana 2013  and took lots of photos to give you a good feel for the places.  

Alternatively here's a short review of the options, an in-depth review of those places around Manners Street. 

These reviews mainly cover the new places in town. Of course it goes without saying that you should visit the grand old gentlemen of the scene: Bar Edward, Hashigozake, and The Malthouse. Here's a recent review of the Malthouse.

But what about the ratio of men to woman, artistic ability of bar staff, and ability of staff to answer a tricky craft beer question? You want to read this review then

Perhaps the ThirstyBoys and the Man Points scoring system can be your guides?

Sitting in the Sun

Maybe you would like to sit out in the sun (and wind)? Here's a review of the Top Ten Beer Gardens in Wellington. Make sure you read the comments section to get some further ideas. Keep an eye out for a roof top beer garden appearing at The Hop Garden

Beer and Good Food

Keen for a meal and some decent beer? Many a cafe and eatery in Wellington will cater for you. Let Mike Reilly guide you through the options