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The Wellington College Parent Committee is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who organise a range of events to foster a sense of school community and to connect families to each other and to the school. We try to improve the experience of students, families and staff at Wellington College and we hope you will join us! The more involved you are in the College, the richer the experience for both you and your sons.


Parent Connection Events     

Parents of specific Year Levels are invited to join us at school to discuss a particular issue of interest. Outside speakers are often invited.Topics range from NCEA to University Entrance to teenage issues.The events provide an opportunity for parents to meet other parents in their year, while gaining valuable insight from experts and experienced parents.

If you are interested in joining our committee and being the person responsible for updating our website - Kathy would be grateful if you would make yourself known to the committee! We had hoped that one of the boys in the Digital Technology classes would redesign our website for us, but unfortunately we had no takers. We would like it updated more in line with the school website, so if anyone would like to volunteer their expertise for this task that would be great.

Past Events
        FORUM "ALCOHOL, DRUGS & YOUR TEEN" - held on Wednesday 26th October 2016 Brierley 

With summer, the season of parties and celebration fast arriving, WCP organised a Parent forum to support and inform on the subject of Adolescents and Alcohol.
Our two speakers were Kathryn Burkett and Sergeant Shane Benge. Kathryn has extensive experience dealing with the neurophysiological challenges in adolescence. She explained what is happening in the teenage brain and the impact that alcohol and other drugs can have on this development. 
Sergeant Shane Benge spoke as part of the Alcohol Harm Prevention unit of the NZ Police. 
Our own School counsellor Rob Wither is available all year to help the boys and/or their parents as required.

         9 BBQ Picnic - held Friday 12 February 2016
A family event for all those new to the school. A chance to meet tutor teachers and for parents and students to mix and mingle outside the classroom. Members of our committee were on hand to answer any further questions that you may have and to invite you to join us on our committee or as a volunteer.

BIG BLOKES BREAKFAST - not held in 2016


 FORUM "GAMING" - held on Tuesday 9th June 2015, Main School Hall 


How long is too long? What impact is it having on his studies, social skills, memory retention and achievement levels? What can you do as a parent to navigate your son safely through this new online world?

A fabulous event with over 300 people in attendance, James Driver took us through this new form of addiction.

AFTER WELLINGTON COLLEGE - Held on Thursday 19 March 2015, Girvan Library

Led by our highly respected Careers Advisor, Ernie Rosenthal, this event proved very valuable again this year. Approximately 35 parents and sons attended.

YEAR 9 / NEW PARENTS FORUM "WC 101" - Held on Wednesday 11 March 2015, Firth Hall

Approximately 50 parents attended this event which included a light lunch.

Deputy Principal, Dave Thorp and Assistant Principal, Darrell Harvey took us through:

NCEA 101 - Even at Year 9, there is an introduction of what you need to know.
Communication - How to keep it flowing between school and home and keep yourself in the loop.


We provide catering support at a number of school events, including the Year 9 Welcome Lunch, our yearly Staff-Appreciation Lunch, and the reception after Senior Prize-Giving. Volunteers are always needed and are most welcome. If you would like to help, please sign up via the Volunteer link to the left or you can contact us directly. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet parents and staff at the College.

Thanks to all the helpers at this year's Staff Appreciation Lunch. Our reputation for putting on a fabulous spread makes this event bigger and bigger every year. This is a great one to help out on if you are new to the College, so keep this date free when you see it in next year's student calendar.


In conjunction with the Development Office, we support the College in raising funds to improve the facilities of the school. 


Committee Meetings

The 2016 Committee enjoying an end of year planning session at Floriditas.

You are also most welcome to join us at our monthly meetings which are held in the Cricket Pavilion at 7pm on the following dates:

AGM 2017 - Monday 6th March