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Assignment 1

Posted: Wed. Aug. 31, 2011
Due: Start of lecture on Thu. Sep. 01, 2011

Task 1: Tell us about yourself

On your personal portfolio web site you created in class, flesh out the introduction page to tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Task 2: Assignment 1 page

On your portfolio site, create an Assignment 1 page at "top level".

Task 3: Barcode Scanner

Using the Market app, download the Barcode Scanner app from the ZXing Team. 

Use the Barcode Scanner app to "read" the following three QR codes. On your Assignment 1 page, tell us what the scanner reports for each QR code. 

QR Code #1: This is a message. What is it? 

QR Code #2: This is a link to a web page. What's on that web page? 

QR Code #3: This is a link to an App Inventor application. Click on the link to download the app and touch the home button to go to the home screen. You'll see a blinking downward pointing arrow at the top of the screen while it downloads. "Pull" the top line of the screen down (like a window shade) and you'll see a box containing a downloading file name with a .apk extension.  When the file is completely downloaded, touch this box to install the app. Run it to see what it does. (If you have trouble with these instructions; don't sweat it; we'll cover them at the beginning of Thursday's class.)

Task 4: Download an App

Using the Market app, find and download a free app that seems interesting to you.  Play with it.  

On your Assignment 1 page, write a short blurb explaining what app you chose, why you chose it, what it does, and your evaluation of the app.  What's good about it?  What's bad about it?