Inventing Mobile Apps @ Wellesley

Official Description

This course teaches how to create apps for mobile devices as a vehicle for learning big ideas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship and explore technology's impact on society. Applications include games, quizzes, electronic voting, location-aware apps, social networking, and apps that communicate with web services. All apps will be created on Android phones using App Inventor, a visual programming environment that does not require previous programming experience. The course culminates in a project where students design and implement new mobile apps for clients. Students are required to attend an additional 70-minute laboratory section each week.

Note: CS117 is for students with no previous programming experience. Students who have taken another CS course or have programming experience should consider taking another CS course. See the FAQ for more info.

Instructor: Lyn Turbak Office Hours: Monday 2:40-5pm, Tuesday 1:30-4pm, Wednesday 4-6pm, and by appointment.

Lab Instructor: Stella Kakavouli Office Hours: Monday 9am-11am, Thursday 2:45pm-4:00pm, and by appointment.

Evangelist: Eni Mustafaraj

Teaching Assistants: Mary Benn and Nora McKinnell

Course Schedule

Visit the calendar with the course schedule.


All announcements will be made on the wellesley-cs117-fall11 Google group, which you should read regularly.  Visit Getting Started with Google Groups site for more info. 


Ask any questions you have about assignments, lectures, etc. on the CS117 Piazza site

Class Meetings

Lectures are Mon/Thu 1:30-2:40pm in SCI 257.

There are two 70-minute lab sections, both in SCI 160:

  • Wed. 11:10am -- 12:20pm
  • Wed. 2:50 -- 4pm


Wolber, Abelson, Spertus, and Looney, App Inventor: Create Your Own Android Apps. O'Reilly, 2011.  This is available in the bookstore.  You might find a cheaper copy online, such as from Amazon: