In this course, "goodies" are small, simple apps that illustrate how to implement a behavior you might want to use in a project.  Experiment with the available goodies, and ask us to create missing ones!

Foreach: Use a foreach block to turn a list into a single string of list elements. This pattern is especially useful for creating strings with sequences of latitude and longitude coordinates for Google map URLs. 

Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation: how to calculate distances using latitude/longitude coordinates.

Take and Show Pictures: Creating a simple list-picker-based gallery of pictures taken with the App Inventor Camera component.

TinyDB: A simple example of how to use TinyDB to store time-annotated list entries, including the tricky business of handling the case where no list has yet been stored. 

Restaurant App: A fairly extensive app that uses Google Fusion Tables. It talks to two tables, one that has restaurant information, and one that has comments about the restaurants. Contains examples of up-voting down-voting existing comments.

TinyWebDB Services: Specialized AppEngine web services and simple apps for testing them.