Wellesley College Class of 1997

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Summer Newsletter
July 2010

Summer Greetings 
Do you love reading?  I do, always have.  When I was younger my dad would peek into my room and say: “You look so pale, why don’t you go outside and play? You’re always reading!”  As an adult I spend more time outdoors but it is now my husband who says, whenever I pick up a book, “I’ve lost my wife again!” This is because I will read for hours and forego precious hours of sleep for a good book. The irony here is that when a book is particularly good, I don’t want it to end, I want to be with the characters for as long as I can. As an academic I read and write a lot, but mostly scientific articles. So when get my hands on a good book, I don’t want to let go… 

As the class officers thought about the summer newsletter for this year, we were inspired by an earlier Wellesley Magazine story on books and book clubs. We agreed that reading 
and writing would be wonderful themes to explore because summer is a great time to read, because we know of many avid readers among our friends, and because our class is 
full of writing talent. So, we compiled a variety of stories, recommendations, and lists that we hope you will enjoy well into next summer! We hope that the newsletter will also inspire you to become more involved with our class, perhaps as the next class officer or an organizer of the 2012 reunion? 

Kasia Kordas 
Class Secretary