Value Engineering

Doing more with less is a great idea but how this is accomplished especially if morale is low as economic uncertainty continues to bloom?  Lean principles aren’t so much about doing more with less than they are about using your current resources more effectively and bringing various disciplines together early in the development and launch process.


This training focuses on the tie in between all company disciplines from sales to manufacturing, marketing to product testing, quality to finances.  The understanding of team collaboration as it relates to product development, risk assessment, market analysis, sustainability is taught in lecture and in the application of lean principles in both individual and group workshops.


Students who attend this training receive insight into how to inspire the personal best of their team mates, lessons in collaboration, review of DFMEA and PFMEA tools, and a method of developing product efficiently and cost effectively to fit your market and sustainability goals.


Participants of the training will be able to:


  • Review a bill of material and identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Run effective design reviews
  • Facilitate team brainstorming to solve the design request or issue
  • Articulate and apply the lean method of new product design
  • Review product designs to maximize material usage
  • Incorporate design for disassembly, reuse, EOL
  • Incorporate customer and market feedback into development