Time Management

aka: How to Stop Procrastinating and Get The Things Done You’ve Wanted To Faster Than You Thought You Could


We’ve heard about making to-do lists, delegating and keeping our plans realistic, setting goals, and maybe even stopping the constant checking of our email daily, but yet we often still over-schedule, use old to-do lists (if any), and easily get distracted by email or other seemingly important obligations.  What makes us procrastinate and why is it ok?  And, if it’s ok, how does knowing it’s ok help one to stop procrastinating?


Interesting riddle and one WE address in this class. 


Of course I cover the basic mechanics of keeping time whether you’re trying to balance your workload or that of several others.  Depending on your team I will cover this in detail or treat as a refresher.  Mostly this class discusses, analyzes, and teaches to apply anti-procrastination techniques to understand the reality of time, how to maximize our days, avoid interruptions (we’ll call those ‘time stealers’), prioritizing our/their workloads, and how to set goals that will allow us to accomplish more and work better with others.


Students who attend this training receive insight into their procrastinating ways, in-depth mechanics of time management, understanding of SMART goals and how to react when good planning might not be working, as well as small interesting workshops applying the lessons of the day both individual and group based.  Options for additional hours or credit available with out-of-class assignments.


Participants of this training will eliminate:


  • Unplanned or poorly managed days
  • Wasting precious hours in their day
  • Disorganization in both their work and personal lives
  • Clutter in their minds and possibly in their office
  • Running meetings poorly
  • Stress in their lives