Program Management

There are lots of things the Program Manager is responsible for such as avoiding schedule problems, keeping the team on task, understanding costs, and communicating to everyone.  Getting mired in all the details, underestimating the critical path, responding to an issues list, and keeping communication tight within your immediate team can get one into trouble quick no matter your dedication to the project and company.


WE introduce methods of forward thinking and planning that are inclusive to all involved with design, manufacturing, and sale to inspire teams and keep the energy high through out the project.  We review the basic mechanics of Program Management yes, but also discuss how to manage change, risk, project scope and keep team morale high.


Students who attend this training receive insight into how to inspire the personal best of their team mates, review of the mechanics of program management, understanding of SMART goals and how to react to change and unknowns, how to react when good planning might not be working, how to be proactive, understand critical path and keeping morale high on the team along with small interactive workshops applying the lessons of the day both individual and in groups. 


Participants of the training will be able to:


  • Effectively assess risk and lead the team to prevent
  • Run meetings more effectively and respectfully
  • Identify the critical path in any project
  • Facilitate team brainstorming to solve the design request or issue
  • Define and manage project scope more effectively
  • Understand the difference between planning quality into a product verses just hoping for it
  • Find and analyze multiple resolutions quickly to determine best design actions
It's about leading your team to high margin, innovative, and manufacturable solutions, not just going through the motions.