Problem Solving

Permanent corrective action is the goal of problem solving however, it’s not always found on the path of least resistance.   Too often a cause is diagnosed early and the ‘problem solving’ ends only for the issue to rear its ugly head down the road in the SAME product or in a similar product line.  Thorough understanding and definition of the problem, the *multiple* causes, and exploration of solutions is critical in the development of long term corrective actions that will provide your customers with the highest quality products & services.


Whether or not an ‘8D’ is required by the customer, this tool provides the basics of issue identification, isolation, short and long term solutions, as well tying actions to existing company procedures.  Our training focuses on the complexity of issue identification and resolution teaching the basics of the 9-step (8D) method, Fish Bone Diagram, 5-Why, and Kempner Tregoe tools to enable your colleagues to identify multiple root causes so to close the loop on all issues in question.  Ideally, your specific company examples will be used throughout the training.


Students who attend this training receive 9-step corrective action training step by step, in-depth problem identification and resolution training using standard industry tools, a quick reference hand-out to aid in performing problem solving and 8Ds in the future, and small workshops applying the lessons of the day solving actual company issues.


Participants of this training will be able to:

  • Effectively address internal issues and customer issues using the 8D tool
  • Effectively explore causes and effects using Fish Bone Diagram and 5-Why tools
  • Facilitate an 8D meeting
  • Find multiple resolutions quickly to close the loop on critical internal and customer issues


Client feedback on this training:

I thought the training was good because we used real life issues, each person participated and it wasn’t just showing one method, I left the class with a good understanding of all items trained. I like the fishbone method because it doesn’t tie you down to thinking in a box until the next item to think about is wrote down it visually forces you to brainstorm. – Ora


The instructor definitely was knowledgeable and had a very impressive background.   I am glad that they chose two actual issues to train on, one from each plant, as it gave all of us the opportunity to be involved in the process with a part we were familiar with.  I am confident that I can champion a robust 8-D. –Lisa


Jennifer did a great job of explaining things and kept it very interesting. I really like the idea of trying to solve our own problems during the training. Yes I do believe we could obtain the real root cause to problems just so we have a team working on things. I believe the most important thing we all need to remember is work on them as a team, not just one person from quality. –Tim


I had never considered combining methods in that way before to solve problems, but I can see how it really works. – Tom
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