Would you like a website made?

Please see Wellbeing Websites for further details about the work I do creating websites. 

I charge from £79 (one off cost - no rolling charges) for a website. 

I have been creating and maintaining websites since 2009. I currently make websites using Google Sites, which provides free "hosting" (meaning no ongoing charges for you) and templates for me to work withGoogle Sites are a perfect fit for small businesses or sole traders because your website can run indefinitely and reliably at no cost to your business. You are also empowered to manage your own content; there is no need to keep paying a web designer or forking out for hosting.

I am also experienced at working with Wordpress and Blogger and am currently developing my tech skills in html, CSS, Javascript and more at freeCodeCamp.

As I am also a Life Coach, I know what it’s like to run a small business and the need to promote your business online, without prohibitive start-up costs. I really enjoy helping others get on-line to spread the word about their product / services and promote their business.        

Need further info?

Please see contact me for a no obligation chat and more details. I can send you further information and answer any questions.