Welcome  to the WellBean $3.98 Heal & Nourish Dream!


YOUR! $3.98 support charity gift helps to us dept-freely create a “tropilis” dream and long-term vision..really we are seeking 35k helpers to visit us on PayPal....we made it sooo easy and a cheap way to serve/help!

Serve/Help What !!??!

Our family wants to : Create/nurture a self-supporting, low input, food regenerating oasis that will both feed and heal family, friends and loved ones...with maybe room for an animal shelter/rescue like Wild Burrows or Spanish goats ?

How ?

An odd shaped 11acre parcel in North/Central Florida is now a part of our lives. It starts with a concrete slab and a garage at the top of a hill and continually slopes down until “the bowl”. So we want to work with the land (love, cleanse, bless, shape, mould and heal) do some terracing on portions of the hill and fill in some of the bowl while creating a pond to maintain the bowls natural purpose but mould it to help us in raising Talapia, perch, prawn, crayfish and maybe Hybrid Striped Bass. The current well is at the top of the hill, we want to capture well and natural water and channel it ...we hope to shape it to follow the contour of the land into a stream and waterfall all the way down into the bowl. The Bowl will be also stocked with the fish and aqua-culture, waterplants that people can eat and Lotus Flowers !

  • Copious Pines and other trees will border the property with a huge hedge of edible bushes/shrub (Chaya)

  • Fruit trees, various citrus, loquats (great wine-makers !) a few hot weather apples (can be troublesome!), a mango or few, some Poms !, a few peaches, tons of Blue Ice Cream and Green Apple 'nanas down in the wetlands ! Ill try a Soursop and ANYTHING else I can get to grow and feed /heal folk !

  • Spreading “plant and forget“ veggies and herbs or even WEEDs! Like , Malabar spinach, Lambs Quarters, sweet-potatoes!, cone flowers, onions, Some dandelions (YEP you heard me!) Chaya, mushrooms, tons of blueberries and the ever-spreading Goji's

We need it all to be planned, lovely & coordinated, where one environment will nurture the next...Our URGENT BIG Ticket NEED is Solor power and a “bobcat”

so yep your $3.98 (or more!) goes a long way ! 35K (or more!) of those and we are off to the races (debt-free)!...How can I thank you and give back ? I dunno since its not a business...maybe loving on the earth is good enuff? Maybe your help will make you a candidate to be our guest at our “Tent and Breakfast*” on the tropolis...that is...You bring your tent (no campers) and pick/forage and catch your breakfast !!!

Anyway its not gonna all happen overnight but your help is CRITICAL...So why just open my hand and beg stranger for the vision full-fillment ? While meditating I was told “just ask”..so I am, Im a gracious donor (Compassion Int. and others) and believe it helps/serves... still. Also if you are a business and an expert on some of this stuff, you want to be “hands on” not only “cash-in”...your sweat-equity Donation is highly favored !

...Luv ya and its ok revisit , interact, re-donate but please SHARE (repeatedly), send us warm thoughts and blessings and encourage your personal sphere to join in!       goto www.Paypal.com , enter email address william@wellbean.biz and simply Donate $3.98!