This website is focused on We Like Women Political Issues that are not directy related to making everyone like women better!


We Like Women Political Party Issues: These issues are not directly related to making everyone like women better!  (Please look at our main website at to view our main focus: The We Like Women Laws!)



 These are the issues:

1)  Legalize the Flying Car!

2) No taxes for the rich!

3) Every one of us can live like billionaires with robotic servants!

4) Ten times more money for the government without raising taxes!

5) Free health for all businesses!

6) Exercise Laws!

7) Save jobs and buy Made in the USA! (We can create over 10 million jobs if we can do this!)

8) We Like Lawyers! Without lawyers, our rights can be taken away!

9) We Like Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Neuroscientists! They help us to understand our behaviors and emotions!

10) We Like the Military! They protect us!

11) We believe in the right to bear arms!

12) Forgive the national debt, and forgive all state and local government! We must also coordinate massive international action so all government debt around the world shall be forgiven at once!---->We  can not give funding to debt interest and funding   to pay off debt when that funding needs to go to essential government needs, like our children, our education, our healthcare, our social retirement and benefits, our food benefits, our military, etc., etcetra

13) Canadian-Australian-Mexican-European-American Union!   ------>The world's greatest superpower!

14) Lots and Lots of Babies! Let's massively increase our birthrates!