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Lawn, Shrub & Tree Maintenance.
  • Chris has been in the Lawn Maintenance business for over 30 years. He brings many years of experience to your lawn.

  • Lawn Maintenance Services include: Mowing, Grass Trimming, Leaf Blowing, Light Trash & Landscape Debris removal, as well as edging.  If your budget does not allow for this all inclusive service, Arborescent Gardens, Inc. can provide Basic Lawn Maintenance as requested.

  • Maintenance prices depend on lawn size, as well as, the number of flower/shrub beds located in the lawn.

  • Call Chris for a quoted estimate for all your lawn needs. 704-363-9595                                                                  *** See pictures below.

Lawn Fertilization & Aeravation.
  • Chris has gained a great knowledge of the types of fertilizers, and weed & pest control needed for lawns.  He is very good at keeping your lawn GREEN! for as long as possible.

  • "Green" products can be used upon customer request.  It usually costs more for these type products.

  • Arborescent Gardens, Inc. has invested in a vibrating 75  3" tine aeravator machine at the direction of Chris.  This machine gets the lawn ready for seed and fertilizer applications, and in his opinion, "does a much better job of germinating a higher percentage of your seed".  Please call us in advance for aeravations during the months of Sept., Oct., and Nov.  (With irrigation also during the months of March, Apirl and May for installation of new lawns.)

  • Aeravation prices depend on lawn size, the # of irrigation heads in your lawn, and other obstructions in the lawn.                                 *** See pictures below.

  • He is able to provide business' and homeowner's with individualized service that is best for each lawn.  Give Chris a year with your lawn, and you  will be pleased with the results. 

Irrigation & Irrigation Maintenance.
  • Chris is a N.C. Irrigation Contractor. 

  • He will be happy to speak to you about your irrigation specifications for a new system, an update of your existing system to reduce water usage, or maintenance of your current system.

  • Pricing depends on system complexity, water pressure available, and lawn area.  Give Chris a call and he can help you figure out zone prices.


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